How to celebrate #NationalMargaritaDay in Dallas

#NationalMargaritaDayToday we celebrate #NationalMargaritaDay, this most holy day dedicated to the patron saint of tequila,  Our Lady Margarita. But here’s a fun little nugget for the proverbial watercooler: A recent survey says “kids these days” (my words, not theirs) are one of the first age demographics to prefer wine and liquor over beer. Oh and apparently getting drunk isn’t cool anymore.

“Like millennials, the younger [Generation Z] seems to appreciate the perceived quality of other options while seeing beer — especially from some bigger brands — as inauthentic and unappealing,” Business Insider wrote of Berenberg equity research’s report.

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9 Questions for an Entrepreneur

It’s interesting, and honestly a shame, that I’ve had such a hard time sourcing female entrepreneurs and business owners for a series of features I’m writing.

But I’m on such a streak of “We don’t have anything she’s promoting right now, but maybe later” responses, that I’m turning to you Twitterverse to help me.

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