8 Things I Know

8 Things About Me

FatHeadDog1. This site is named for my abnormally large-headed Wheaten Terrier.

2. I read aloud to myself when I write.

3. I began writing as a snarky teenager on the high school newspaper. Apparently I hadn’t developed my sense of political correctness but aptly embraced my inferiority when I launched a tirade on the “popular” girls in a so-called high school sorority. That feeling of sharing myself, while safely nestled onto a newsprint page, was liberating and addictive.

4. I’m left handed.

5. My tools of the trade are music, headphones, Diet Coke and a bag of beef jerky.

6. I really love beef jerky.

7. I secretly want someone to write a day-in-the-life feature about me.

8. Beef jerky will be a large part of that article.

8 Things I Know

1. Community journalism: the Mayor, Police CIO and a City Hall lifer are the three most important people in your beat.

2. Cops and courts beat: A warrant affidavit is the most informative document you can find in an open investigation.

3. Digital content strategy: It’s 60% data and 40% intuition.

4. Blogging: When you can’t compete with the other mommy bloggers, specialize and write about what you know best.

5. Social media: To grow a Facebook brand page from 30,000 to 2.5 million fans, you need a lot of content.

6. Setting up and managing a WordPress site: It’s not as hard as you think.

7. Managing a Drupal site: It’s not as hard as IT makes you think.

8. Leather handbags: You can wash them in the washing machine with gentle detergent.

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