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A journo friend emailed me, asking what I write about as a freelance writer. It's a great question because I still think like an editor.

To demonstrate how I can help you with your content needs, here's how I responded:


Hi [journo friend],
The stuff I can write best is tip-driven personal development articles, either a blog with a personal anecdote that illustrates the lesson, or a more general quick-hit style of self-improvement article. It's usually good clicky content for readers who want to find out more about what makes them tick, learn the traits of the "best," "most,"  etc. and just make themselves better. 
I can write most other stuff too, like personality profiles, consumer service pieces, and trend observations. I love doing audio/video podcast interviews and hosting and covering conferences like SXSW.
I'm also experienced with editing copy, repurposing content, creating content for social, and social media posting/strategy/wrangling. I'd love to help in any way I can. 



Freelance writer, editor and content strategist

Writing Expertise

There are plenty of freelance writers out there, who can create all varieties of content for you. So what do I uniquely do best?

I create well-written, personality-driven self-improvement content based on more than a decade's experience in the personal development industry. I've written about, edited and interviewed the most elite best-selling authors, experts and thought leaders for SUCCESS magazine.


At SUCCESS, I often described our brand of content as "you-centric" articles for readers who want to find out more about what makes them tick, learn the traits of the "best," "most," and just make themselves better. That's the kind of content I can help create for you.

Self-improvement content for consumer news sites

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Motivational articles for corporate blogs

» idea: 12 Motivational Quotes to Improve Yourself Now, in the style of this SUCCESS.com quotes article I wrote

Tip-based articles for brands

» idea: How to Deal with an Open Office Layout (and Not Lose Your Mind), in the style of this SUCCESS.com tips article I wrote

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