Updated: Know Before You Go: A Master List of Black Friday Store Hours

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Black Friday is less than 72 hours away, but before you grab that turkey leg and run towards your local brick-and-mortar, we recommend checking out our master list of Black Friday store openings below. Like previous years, Black Friday is slowly encroaching on Thanksgiving Day, and that means if you want to take advantage of early sales, you’ll be able to start as early as 8 pm on Thursday. (Remember to check with your local retailer though, as not all locations will follow the same schedule.) This nationwide trend can even be seen at the famed Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, where more than 180 stores will open at midnight on Black Friday; that’s 35% of the mall’s 520 stores.

If all this sounds overwhelming, be sure to check out our Black Friday hub for all of the latest ads and buying guides to better prepare yourself. Even better, scan through our Black Friday cheat sheets where we’ve already highlighted the best deals on HDTVs, toys, games, and electronics, and laptops.

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10 Ways to Make the Most of Black Friday

By , dealnews contributor While every day is like Black Friday here at dealnews, when the real thing comes around, we get extra bargain-happy. There’s nothing more exhilarating than a great deal, nabbing a doorbuster, and sharing these stories of savings with friends. However, Black Friday may seem stressful to some shoppers. So to make the most of the upcoming holiday, we suggest you arm yourself with these 10 tips that will help you hit the ground saving and keep your spirits light, knowing you’re getting great deals.

Check Out the Leaked Ads

The leaked Black Friday ads are beginning to pour in! We’ve analyzed the deals from Walmart, Harbor Freight Tools, Best Buy, and RadioShack to name a few. Be sure to study up on the all the leaked Black Friday ads that have come in so far, and maybe do some price-checking before the big day. Continue reading “10 Ways to Make the Most of Black Friday”

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The Best Pre-Black Friday Sales: Amazon, Paul’s TV, newegg, and more

By Joshua Nichol-Caddy, dealnews contributor

Black Friday line
Black Friday at Best Buy (Photo credit: tshein)

Are you gearing up for Black Friday yet? With so many sales to hit in such a short amount of time, we’re advising you put in place a shopping strategy. In an effort to help you land the best of this year’s Black Friday bargains, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites pre-Black Friday sales including deals on DVDs, electronics, home goods, appliances, and more. Continue reading “The Best Pre-Black Friday Sales: Amazon, Paul’s TV, newegg, and more”

Last Year’s Toys "R" Us Fab 15 List Demonstrates the Best Time to Buy Toys

By , dealnews Media Editor You may be tempted to buy the season’s hottest toys sooner rather than later — maybe even during a Black Friday sale— but don’t!To get the best price, wait until the last possible moment to make your purchase; on the whole, not even Black Friday — the hottest of all shopping days — can beat this technique. Continue reading “Last Year’s Toys "R" Us Fab 15 List Demonstrates the Best Time to Buy Toys”

Emergency Preparedness: Check Serving Sizes of Emergency Food Kits

By , dealnews contributor With Hurricane Sandy battering the Eastern Seaboard, this perfect storm has translated into packed stores as folks stock up on groceries, generators, and emergency food kits. But amidst the fretting over this superstorm, shoppers should pause to study the labels of those emergency food kits, as serving sizes don’t always translate to the portions we’re used to eating.

Consider this Chef’s Banquet Macaroni Pasta Emergency Food Bucket available at Costco. For $49.99 the bucket boasts 270 total servings of pasta. But at 25 lbs., that’s only 1.48 oz. per serving and less than the 2 oz. generally considered a full serving of grains. Perhaps that’s a small price to pay for longevity, though: this food bucket has a shelf life of 20 years.

Also at Costco, this Tropical Fruit Variety Emergency Food Bucket By Chef’s Banquet has 300 total servings of freeze dried fruit, including pineapples, cherries, and mangoes. But those servings, when divided by the total weight of 3 lb. 12 oz., come to only 0.2 oz. per serving — a size that might not correspond to the expectations of hungry family members with cabin fever. Continue reading “Emergency Preparedness: Check Serving Sizes of Emergency Food Kits”

Txtr Beagle: A Smartphone Accessory That Doubles as a Cheap eBook Reader

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Thanks to the ongoing war between Amazon and Barnes & Noble, today’s eBook readers are as cheap as they’ve ever been. Likewise, they now pack more features than ever: from built-in backlights to 3G connectivity, these readers continue to influence how people consume text. However, a new German company by the name of Txtr is hoping to rattle the industry with its ultra-cheap eBook reader: the Txtr Beagle. Priced at $13 — no, that’s not a misprint — it has the potential to become the least-expensive eBook reader to date … but it comes with some serious compromises.

For starters, at 5″ it features a much smaller eInk display than many of today’s traditional readers. The Kindle Paperwhite by comparison packs a 6″ screen. Furthermore, the Beagle isn’t touch-sensitive, and it lacks: a backlit display, WiFi, 3G … and just about every feature we’ve grown to love in our eBook readers. More importantly, the Beagle can only load eBooks sent from your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection.

To transfer books users must Continue reading “Txtr Beagle: A Smartphone Accessory That Doubles as a Cheap eBook Reader”

5 Delicious Deals: Free Bag of Lindor Truffles, Halloween Candy Sale, more

By Martin Schneider, dealnews contributorAre you hungry? And maybe a little broke? Don’t touch that Ramen stash! We’ve got a list of great food deals from top restaurant franchises, including Macaroni Grill, Outback Steakhouse, and the Olive Garden, plus sweet deals on treats.

  1. Olive Garden’s Dinner Today & Dinner Tomorrow
    Price: $12.95
    Expires:November 18
Is It Worth It?: As part of its Dinner Today & Dinner Tomorrow event, order yourself an Olive Garden dinner entrée for $12.95, and receive another free take-out entrée for supper tomorrow. Entrées include Lasagna Rollatini with Meat Sauce, Mezzaluna Ravioli with Five Cheese Marinara, Spaghetti with Four Cheese Meat Sauce, Five Cheese Ziti al Forno, and Fettuccine Alfredo. This deal also includes unlimited soup or salad and breadsticks. Go Olive Garden and find location near you.
  2. Outback Steakhouse 1/2 Order of Wings
    Price: Free with any purchase on Thursdays
    Expires:November 8Is It Worth It?: Today and every Thursday through November 8, head over to a nearby Outback Steakhouse and “Wing It!” Just mention “Wing it” to your server and you’ll enjoy a free 1/2 order of wings with whatever else you order. Mmm! Why not enjoy a cold one while you watch some football, too?
  3. Macaroni Grill Coupon
    Price: $10 off $20 via coupon code “RMGTOGO”
    Expires:November 6
Is It Worth It?: Via this coupon code, take $10 off online orders of $20 or more at Macaroni Grill. An Editors’ Choice deal, you can take big bites into delicious entrees like Carmela’s Chicken, Penne Rustica, Eggplant Parmesan, Fettuccine Alfredo, and know your wallet isn’t feeling the pinch. This ties our mention from last week as the best dollar-off coupon we’ve seen for this restaurant, but unfortunately Northern California, Washington, Montana, Hawaii, and McAllen, TX are excluded from the eatin’s. Everyone else: dig in!
  4. Lindt Chocolate 6-oz. Bag of Lindor Truffles
    Price: Free via printable coupon
    Expires:November 7
Is It Worth It?: Lindt & Sprüngli makes the finest Swiss chocoloate known to man — their Lindor Truffles are simply divine. We know you already like them, but show your affection for the sweets via Lindt’s Facebook page and you’ll receive a printable coupon good for a decadent 6-oz. bag of Lindor Truffles. Oh how sweet it is to be free!
  5. Just in Time for Halloween Candy Sale
    Price:From $6.25
Is It Worth It?: It’s almost time to stock up on Halloween treats! You already know it’s never cool to be the house that gives out apples, so why not pick up a bag of Hershey’s 100-Piece Snack Size Candy Assortment for $12.77. Or even better, the Hershey’s 130-Piece Halloween Snack Size Candy Assortment for $15.11? With these quantities, there’s likely to be some leftovers for the adults, too!

Front page photo credit: Happy Home Fairy

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5 Delicious Deals: Free Bag of Lindor Truffles, Halloween Candy Sale, more
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