I Don’t Suck, I’m Just Too Hard on Myself

‘I Don’t Suck. I’m Just Too Hard on Myself’

With a flight of three small frozen margaritas lined up in front of me, I admit to my friend while catching up over dinner, “Things have been good. My career and family are great, and the podcast I’m on is doing awesome. But there’s something about this year—I’ve come to realize I really lack self-confidence. Like there are times I don’t feel good at what I do, and I’m afraid other people think so, too.” I gulp the raspberry-flavored concoction while I let those words hang.  MORE


Dr. Kelly Flanagan on Worthiness, Belonging and Purpose

Every person has a unique story, but within all of us lies a motivation to understand our past in order to better our future. That’s what prompted Kelly Flanagan, Ph.D., to begin writing the popular blog UnTangled and the recent book, Loveable. SUCCESS.com’s Shelby Skrhak and Flanagan provide an emotional interview about the power of connectivity and self-worth.

“I’m worthy by virtue of my very existence. And that means everyone around me also is worthy by virtue of their very existence. I realize that I’m walking in a world of worthy people and I can treat people as such and I can expect to be treated as such. Then life becomes a lot more compassionate and caring and supportive.”

—Kelly Flanagan

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