“Which Panda Express locations in Dallas have Hot and Sour Soup?”

thumb-appetizers-hotsoursoupThat’s what I just Googled. I found nothing but outdated Yelp results, all of which made me insanely #hangry.

Most people would move on. Normal people. Not me. I really want drive-through hot and sour soup. So I continued my search.

panda express soup2





Make… soup…? No thanks.

panda express soup3





Apparently mandarin chicken and pork have disappeared from Panda Express. A hot issue! But not my issue. I decide I’ll create a movement. 

panda express soup4




I’m shocked to find there’s not already a change.org petition on this. Aren’t other people equally as bothered by the elusiveness of hot and sour soup in Dallas?

This isn’t a new issue for me.  As you can see below, I’d already tweeted @PandaExpress… and addressed my tweet to the Panda.

panda express soup5





Yes, the date is November 2012.

Today I’m still in search of Panda Express Hot and Sour soup. Whenever I see one, I’m always tempted to pull in and check. But I’ve done the walk of shame out of the drive-through so many times, I’m not sure I can handle that kind of rejection again.

So, Internet blogosphere, if I may ask one thing of you, I ask that you kindly let me know if you ever find Hot and Sour Soup at a Dallas area Panda Express. I would be ever so grateful.



Txtr Beagle: A Smartphone Accessory That Doubles as a Cheap eBook Reader

By , dealnews Senior Feature Writer

Thanks to the ongoing war between Amazon and Barnes & Noble, today’s eBook readers are as cheap as they’ve ever been. Likewise, they now pack more features than ever: from built-in backlights to 3G connectivity, these readers continue to influence how people consume text. However, a new German company by the name of Txtr is hoping to rattle the industry with its ultra-cheap eBook reader: the Txtr Beagle. Priced at $13 — no, that’s not a misprint — it has the potential to become the least-expensive eBook reader to date … but it comes with some serious compromises.

For starters, at 5″ it features a much smaller eInk display than many of today’s traditional readers. The Kindle Paperwhite by comparison packs a 6″ screen. Furthermore, the Beagle isn’t touch-sensitive, and it lacks: a backlit display, WiFi, 3G … and just about every feature we’ve grown to love in our eBook readers. More importantly, the Beagle can only load eBooks sent from your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection.

To transfer books users must Continue reading “Txtr Beagle: A Smartphone Accessory That Doubles as a Cheap eBook Reader”

Soft Scrub That Sniffs Good

The other day I had three packages at my door. One was a 2012 London Olympics shirt I ordered for my four-year-old. The second was The Balm I ordered from HauteLook. The third was a Purex Insiders package with 2 bottles of new Soft Scrub Total to review.

My little boy and I already had our loot, so I gave the Soft Scrub to my husband–“Here, for you!”
Purex recently teamed up with Soft Scrub household cleaner to offer its team of bloggers a product review opportunity and blog readers a chance to win $3,000 in prizes. I received the product free to review but opinions are my own. Well, maybe his too since he was first to try them.
Most surprising, Soft Scrub Total All Purpose household cleaner with Bleach and Soft Scrub Bath & Bowl, sniffed pretty good. I kinda like the smell of strong cleaning products–gives me proof that I actually cleaned–but Soft Scrub smelled clean and refreshing. Because the bottle is designed to work while upside down, Soft Scrub cleaned the hard to reach places really well. The foam action worked great because it stuck to surfaces better and left a shiny finish. A special thanks to Purex and Soft Scrub for sending me these products to review.

Endorse! for iPhone Now Available

, a beta app that launched last year for cash back shopping, relaunched with a preview version for Android last month, and now they’ve announced the new app for iPhone. Endorse rewards 10-20% for select brands or grocery items.

  1. Browse offers: before or while you shop
  2. Upload receipts: after shopping, send us your receipts and let us know what you bought
  3. Earn cash rewards: every time you upload receipts and redeem offers, you’ll earn cash back
  4. Earn points, too: just for uploading receipts, even ones without redeemed offers, you’ll earn points redeemable for charitable donations made in your name

Bottom line: The first incarnation of Endorse was so generous (up to 20% back on your entire purchase at TJ Maxx, Wal-Mart and Target), that it truly felt too good to be true. Read my first review here. Endorse 2.0 saw some significant changes, but overall I think a more sustainable model.

Snapping a pic of your receipt is faster and easier than mailing receipts in for Endorse 1.0. So far, I’ve uploaded two receipts and earned 10 points, and received 10% back for purchasing any brand of ice cream. (Frosty Paws for those following along at home.)


Cool site: SocialMoms.com

Social MomsSocial Moms, founded by Megan Calhoun (@socialmoms on Twitter), is a social media-oriented network that rewards members with points for commenting, Tweeting and sharing consumer news and general interest articles. The 18,000+ active members network is based in San Francisco, California. (You can check out my profile here, which as far as online forum profiles go, it’s very robust and customizeable.)

Who: SocialMoms works with leading brands including P&G, Unilever, Kraft, Pepsi, Disney, Kimberly-Clarke, Seventh Generation and more.

What: Writers can submit original articles for publishing on the site and points good for gift cards on a wide range (honestly, almost too wide) of topics including parenting, money, food, health, shopping, social media, blogging and more. Great opp for writers to submit articles to: nikki@socialmoms.com. I submitted a feature idea today, for which I read you receive points for submitting story ideas. I received a very prompt response saying my idea about how to earn free magazine subscriptions didn’t fit their model. (I’ll admit, a little unnerving as a professional journalist to be turned down for writing, but modesty really is my best quality.)

How to get points: It’s not clearly stated anywhere, but as far as I can tell, you receive points by– Tweeting articles and promotions. Commenting via Facebook (I think). Commenting or answering questions on the SocialMoms.com site. Submit articles for publication.

Head scratcher: I can see where some folks find frustration in how to contribute to the network and earn points. The site offers weekly “Rambo” alerts for point-earning opps, but again, without explicit instruction on what earns points, how much and when they’re posted. And I’m still not sure why they’re called Rambo alerts.

Bottom line: Cool combination of what feels like a blog network and reward earning site. The user interface isn’t well organized, and I’ve seen some typos on communications that have gone out from them. But.. all said and done, that’s not a bad review. The concept itself makes it sticky enough to endure.


Cool site: SocialMoms.com

socialmoms.comEarn points for gift cards with Socialmoms.com. You’ll be invited to earn more points through two to four e-mails per week just for being social: earn points for sharing articles, giving your opinion in the form of comments, enter contests, watch videos, and a host of other fun and easy online social activities. Collect 8,000 points for a $40 PayPal reward.

Cool site: BrandYourself.com

BrandYourselfBrandYourself.com started when its Co-Founder Pete Kistler couldn’t get an internship in college because he was being mistaken for a drug dealer in Google.

Pete realized Google is an incredibly important part of your reputation, but unless you know how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works — which most people don’t — or have thousands of dollars to spend on a reputation company, there is nothing you can do. BrandYourself.com gives you easy steps to follow to help add “good” links to your Google search, which drives down “bad” links on your search.

Earn Points for Re-enacting SNL Pantene Skit

From EXPOtv, a video review site, this is brilliant…


Hi Shelby S.,
We know you love earning points, sharing your thoughts and having some fun. So today we wanted you to do just that by sharing your best impression of the Pantene Skit from Saturday Night Live.

In this very special assignment, you will score 800 points for grabbing your camera and trying to pronounce those tough ingredients on the back of the Pantene bottles. It’s all about fun in this video so be sure to do your best and smile big. Space is limited so get started today!

Share your best version of the Pantene SNL Skit — This Week ONLY!

You have until 04/15/2012 to complete the assignment and earn 800 points.