Pen Zen – The Art of Organization | Quirky Products

With Pen Zen, your desk clutter can finally find inner peace.

Pen Zen is a storage unit for pens, pencils, highlighters, and other office supplies. Position your Pen Zen horizontally with the items extending out of the top, or stand it upright with the items extending out of the ends.

Hidden magnets below the bamboo surface hold paper clips and other small magnetic items.

$19.99Pen Zen – The Art of Organization | Quirky Products.

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Soft Scrub That Sniffs Good

The other day I had three packages at my door. One was a 2012 London Olympics shirt I ordered for my four-year-old. The second was The Balm I ordered from HauteLook. The third was a Purex Insiders package with 2 bottles of new Soft Scrub Total to review.

My little boy and I already had our loot, so I gave the Soft Scrub to my husband–“Here, for you!”
Purex recently teamed up with Soft Scrub household cleaner to offer its team of bloggers a product review opportunity and blog readers a chance to win $3,000 in prizes. I received the product free to review but opinions are my own. Well, maybe his too since he was first to try them.
Most surprising, Soft Scrub Total All Purpose household cleaner with Bleach and Soft Scrub Bath & Bowl, sniffed pretty good. I kinda like the smell of strong cleaning products–gives me proof that I actually cleaned–but Soft Scrub smelled clean and refreshing. Because the bottle is designed to work while upside down, Soft Scrub cleaned the hard to reach places really well. The foam action worked great because it stuck to surfaces better and left a shiny finish. A special thanks to Purex and Soft Scrub for sending me these products to review.
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