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Cool site:

socialmoms.comEarn points for gift cards with You’ll be invited to earn more points through two to four e-mails per week just for being social: earn points for sharing articles, giving your opinion in the form of comments, enter contests, watch videos, and a host of other fun and easy online social activities. Collect 8,000 points for a $40 PayPal reward.

Cool site: started when its Co-Founder Pete Kistler couldn’t get an internship in college because he was being mistaken for a drug dealer in Google.

Pete realized Google is an incredibly important part of your reputation, but unless you know how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works — which most people don’t — or have thousands of dollars to spend on a reputation company, there is nothing you can do. gives you easy steps to follow to help add “good” links to your Google search, which drives down “bad” links on your search.

Earn Points for Re-enacting SNL Pantene Skit

From EXPOtv, a video review site, this is brilliant…


Hi Shelby S.,
We know you love earning points, sharing your thoughts and having some fun. So today we wanted you to do just that by sharing your best impression of the Pantene Skit from Saturday Night Live.

In this very special assignment, you will score 800 points for grabbing your camera and trying to pronounce those tough ingredients on the back of the Pantene bottles. It’s all about fun in this video so be sure to do your best and smile big. Space is limited so get started today!

Share your best version of the Pantene SNL Skit — This Week ONLY!

You have until 04/15/2012 to complete the assignment and earn 800 points.


Purex Introduces Cookie Scented Detergent

I’ll admit I’m not the most frequent launderer in the family, but when Purex announced a special sneak peak at its latest product, Cookie Scented Purex Laundry Detergent, I volunteered my FatHeadDog nose to help review it. And I must say, with my Purex-laundered clothes, I’d never been hungrier. I caught myself mid-nibble chomping on my sleeve. Not good. If you can resist the urge to gnaw your clothes, then find more information about Purex’s newest offering, visit the Purex Facebook page.

Penny Auctions are Like Penny Slots…

Penny auctions are like penny slots. Don’t go in expecting to win thousands of dollars, or an iPad, and you’ll do fine. Penny slots are an appropriate analogy because the auctions really are like gambling for entertainment. (Yay!) What penny auctions are great for are winning smaller items like jewelry, toys and especially gift cards.

quibidsTwo auction sites I’ve been playing with are and BidRack gives away FREE bids every day with a spin-the-wheel game, which I love. QuiBids doesn’t give away free bids but has tons and tons of gift cards for auction, which improves your chances of winning.

If you’re leery of penny auctions, I don’t blame you. I was too. But just a little math and common sense can help you feel more confident about the process.


Example at BidRack: Bid packages start at $27 for 40 bids, but best values are with larger bid packages. I purchased 100 bids for $60, which made each bid worth 6 cents. With 2 to 20 free bids you receive every day, you can bank a nice number of bids in your account. I’ve won one auction there, a $25 Target Gift Card for $3.28. But I spent alot of bids to win that, so I really paid $20 for the $25 gift card–still a 20% discount for a gift card that I’ll definitely use.