Review: RewardsGold for free magazines

Maxim magazine

Maxim magazineRewards Gold is a great website for obtaining free one-year subscriptions to magazines such as Wired, U.S. News & World Report, Town and Country, Forbes, Working Mother and more. Right now, they’re offering a 1-yr free subscription to Maxim magazine while supplies last. (By the way, I know you didn’t read any of the words above because your eyes wandered over to Jessica Simpson’s boobies. It’s ok. Go ahead and look… now back to the post.)

Recently posted: Here’s a current link (still valid as of Aug. 9) to sign up for Rewards Gold and get a free subscription to Car and Driver magazine.

Through various sample and sponsored subscription sites, you can pick up some great finds of free magazine subscriptions. How does it work? The simple answer is free “sample” equals more exposure to new audiences who may convert their sample into a paid subscription.

Pretty simple process, just fill out a few questions about yourself and interests–you can ignore the part about referring friends–and select your free subscription. For offers from Rewards Gold, its ok to give them your real email address because they don’t send many emails and the ones they do consist of more free magazine subscription offers to popular consumer magazines.

I got my daisy dukes on…

Huggies denim diaper

Pampers designsI’m a sucker. The minute those Huggies Little Mover Denim Diapers came out, I made a beeline for CVS. Yes I paid full price. Yes I made my son wear them. And yes, I love my little boy in them.
Now Pampers has followed suit with their own designer diapers from Cynthia Rowley. They’re available exclusively and for a limited time at Target and

While we’re talking about Huggies and Pampers, here’s a tip I ran across on PullUps package codes can be used twice–Once on and also again on Now who’s got their daisy dukes on? My kid, that’s who.

Pound for Pound food bank challenge

Pound for PoundHere’s a chance to eat healthy, win free groceries and help the nationwide initiative Pound for Pound Challenge. MyBlogSpark, the General Mills blogging program, invited to participate in the Pound for Pound Challenge. Cool premise: For every pound participants pledged to lose through the Pound For Pound Challenge, the sponsors donated 14 cents to Feeding America- enough to deliver one pound of groceries to a food bank in your area.  While they are no longer accepting pledges, you can still help by making a donation directly to Feeding America. I encourage you to check out the site; there’s lot of great information to inspire your healthier eating today.

Kroger wants to help one of my readers save a bit of money while stocking up on healthy food items.  Time for a giveaway! Continue reading “Pound for Pound food bank challenge”

Review: Babies R Us new infant care line

Babies_R_UsThis is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

The FatHeadFamily was out running errands when we stumbled across a Babies R Us that I hadn’t visited before. Why would I propose to know every Babies R Us location in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex? Because when you have a cranky newborn that wants to get out of the house, that’s what you do–you wander the aisles of every Babies R Us from here to Oklahoma.

When SocialSpark asked me to blog about the new Babies R Us-brand formula and newly expanded infant care line, I was happy to since I wish they’d introduced their generic formula when my Pup was still taking formula. As I’ve written about before, there’s a strategy to buying baby formula for cheap. When your brand-name formula checks run out, generic formulas are a great value. Target and Wal-Mart are great options, but don’t offer any rewards or cashback for your purchase. At Babies R Us, you can accumulate Rewards R Us points with each purchase, which makes purchasing costly formula a little less painful. You’ll receive a $5 reward for every $150 you spend total during certain two or three month promotion periods–which I’ll admit sounds pretty paltry, but to sound entirely cliche, every little bit helps.

A Smooch from FatHeadDog (and LIFE magazine)

You know, that’s FatHeadDog on the right. Not really, but Snapfish has teamed up with to offer the iconic magazine’s historic photos as printed cards, which make great personalized stationary for thank you cards and the like.  These selected number of photographs from’s archives can help capture the exact emotion you’re looking for in your greeting cards, notecards and notebooks. It plans to introduce more offerings in the coming months, according to a Snapfish press release.

I can personally recommend the high-quality greeting cards and notecards, but Continue reading “A Smooch from FatHeadDog (and LIFE magazine)”

A Reward for OJ

If you’ve followed for the year we’ve been around, you’ll know FatHeadDog (FHD) is a fan of consumer loyalty programs. From a marketing standpoint, they’re fantastic ways to ensure brand loyalty. From a consumer’s standpoint, they’re the best way to get rewarded for purchases you already make.

Tropicana recently launched its Juicy Rewards program to thank their customers for choosing great taste and value. Specially marked packages of Tropicana Orange Juice contain a code for points that you can enter when you log onto to redeem for discounts. You can also register for the chance to win the national sweepstakes for a Yosemite Adventure.

You can use your points for discounts on purchases with Tropicana’s national partners such as Adidas, Coleman, and EA Sports, or for cool local activities such as a visit to the zoo or a trip to the spa. Each carton of Tropicana Orange Juice is worth up to $15 in savings. In addition to providing great tasting and nutritional juice for our families, Juicy Rewards gives Moms a chance to save in all areas of our purchasing.

To create your own Tropicana Juicy Rewards account, follow the steps below.  It will only take a minute
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Gods of car care… I get the hint.

For as much as I love cars, I’m shamefully bad about getting my oil changed on a regular basis. About 2,000 miles past due for my oil change, I recently glanced at that auto shop reminder sticker with guilt–I know I need to do it. I know it can’t be good for the car. But I procrastinate, figuring I’ll get to it soon.

Like a beacon in my mail box, the nice folks at MyBlogSpark invited me to visit, sponsored by Shell Lubricants, and learn more about why frequent oil changes are so important. In return, Penzoil through MyBlogSpark offered FatHeadDog a gift certificate to have my oil changed and report on the experience.

Ok!  Gods of car care.. I’ll learn more about the importance of good oil and take my car in for heaven’s sake. I take the hint! Like they asked, I visited Motor Oil Matters, where I learned what the various oil weights, like 5W-30, 10W-30 and 10W-40, mean. And what does the ‘W’ mean? According to the site, not weight, but winter. (Really!?)  See, I did learn something.. how’s that for fun cocktail party trivia?