Best Shoe Deals: Up to 60% off Nike, New Balance Barefoot Trainers for $60

By Martin Schneider, dealnews contributorThe summer poses a number of challenges to runners (the winter ain’t so easy either), but now that it’s autumn, more and more folks are hitting the pavement. If you’re one of them, it’s smart to check on the condition of your current footwear. If those sneakers are looking a little worn in the heels, toes, or midsoles, you should definitely seek out a new pair of kicks. To make that easier than a 4-minute mile, we’ve rounded up the best running shoes of the week for you to compare.

  1. New Balance Men’s Minimus Trail Barefoot Trainers
    Vendor: Botach via eBay
    Price: $59.99 with free shipping
    Lowest By:$15
Is It Worth It?: Taking a different approach on running shoes, these New Balance Minimus barefoot trainers are designed to mimic a natural gait. The drop from heel to toe is 4mm, which is far less than the older, maximum-cushioning style. These are available in most sizes from 7 to 12. Continue reading “Best Shoe Deals: Up to 60% off Nike, New Balance Barefoot Trainers for $60”

Gilt Sells Fiats Via Flash Sale

It’s not the first time that, the upscale flash sale site has offered automobiles for sale online, but noteworthy with such a fashionable brand as Fiat. Gilt-FiatThe sale, which began today at 12pm EST, features a Fiat 500 by Gucci plus a trip to Italy for $27,750 (honest to God, a bargain). Later in the day a Fiat 500 Cabrio and 500 Abarth will go on sale, for a price not listed until sale time.

For more on daily deals, read my December 2011 cover story in SUCCESS magazine about how to make daily deals work for your small business.

Snapfish Free Shipping

Snapfish is offering 25% off and free shipping on any order with the Code: HAPPYFS25. For a limited time, so hurry.

This, of course, is coming from the person that hasn’t done her Christmas 2011 Snapfish photo books.

Parody: HOT! All Amazon Products 50% Off TODAY ONLY

I love how “creative” deals bloggers get. “HOT! All Amazon Products 50% Off TODAY ONLY!” Translated, buy a $10 Amazon gift card for $5.

“$100 worth of coupons for $1!!” Translated, buy a one-year subscription to All You magazine for $12. Within each issue, which calculates to $1 each, find coupons that total up to $100.

“HURRY! Get Free Food, Samples, Beauty Products + $100 Cash for Your Opinion!” Translated, join a consumer marketing research panel, which offers select sampling programs and point-accumulating surveys, that can you cash in once you accumulate thousands of points.

I’m not sure which bothers me more–The creative math or the exclamation points.

Now, the Amazon $10 gift card for $5 deal is a real one, and live today. But by no means am I going to yell that you must “hurry,” “act now” or emphasize that it’s “hot.”

Free $10 Credit at RueLaLa

Because FatHeadDog thinks you’re neat, I convinced RueLaLa to give you $10 free credit. Really, I growled and howled until they said, “Yes, we’ll give all new members* a free $10 credit.”

Yeahh, I realize they said “all new members” but I chose to read “FatHeadDog readers.” I have selective reading like that.

I Might Have Figured Sneakpeeq Out

I want these. Drink rocks that don't dilute your drink.

Sneakpeeq is a different kind of flash sales site, with a very social aspect to it. But the first two times I logged on… very underwhelming. Finally though from Hip2Save, I have an explanation of what the bark this site is about:

For all you new “Sneakpeeqers”, a peeq is the action of flipping over a price tag. As a new user, you have a limited number of peeqs but the more you participate the more you’ll earn. Every 24 hours the peeqs are refilled to your account (for each peeq, you’ll earn 5 points). You’ll also have the option to share your favorite items with friends on your Facebook Wall earning you 10 points. Finally, if you buy an item, you’ll earn 100 points.

Then on the Sneakpeeq site:

For every store we have a leader board of top participants. The more you peeq, love, share, and buy the more points you’ll get. The top three people in each store’s leader board will receive one extra item for free. Leader boards are a competition all the way to the last minute of the store being open.


Points are as follows

  • Peeq = 5 pts
  • Share = 10 pts
  • Buys = 100 pts

Confusing enough? Good. I think.