10 Ways to Make the Most of Black Friday

By , dealnews contributor While every day is like Black Friday here at dealnews, when the real thing comes around, we get extra bargain-happy. There’s nothing more exhilarating than a great deal, nabbing a doorbuster, and sharing these stories of savings with friends. However, Black Friday may seem stressful to some shoppers. So to make the most of the upcoming holiday, we suggest you arm yourself with these 10 tips that will help you hit the ground saving and keep your spirits light, knowing you’re getting great deals.

Check Out the Leaked Ads

The leaked Black Friday ads are beginning to pour in! We’ve analyzed the deals from Walmart, Harbor Freight Tools, Best Buy, and RadioShack to name a few. Be sure to study up on the all the leaked Black Friday ads that have come in so far, and maybe do some price-checking before the big day. Continue reading “10 Ways to Make the Most of Black Friday”

How to Increase Your Appeal to PR Firms

Source: SocialMoms.comby Pamela Reyhan/SocialMoms.com

If you are trying to turn your blog into an income-generator, you are probably doing lots of product reviews and giveaways to get people to your site – in the hopes they’ll like your content and stick around for a while. In general, real income from a blog actually comes from advertising space that you sell to PR firms or directly to companies – whether it be with image ads in your side bar or links within posts. The reason they pay for their ad to be on your blog/site is because you have a large and engaged following that they would like to reach. But how do you get those PR firms to pick your site over all the thousands of other sites?

Here are some tips.

Don’t Make Them Hunt For You

While you may want to maintain your privacy by not putting an email address on your blog/site – you are actually hurting your chances of PR contact. If a PR rep has to search your site for a means to contact you then they might just click away. While Contact forms are great, they do have limitations – no images, length restrictions, don’t allow links, etc. So you really need to have your email address easily accessible on your site. It’s a good idea to create a separate email address for your blog business – that way you aren’t putting your personal address out there.

Really Use Social Media

Don’t just grow your social media fan-base, but actually use the outlets. PR firms don’t just look at your reach (number of followers) but also what you post in the various venues. They want to see your interaction and engagement. Do people respond to what you are posting, and more importantly are you posting things that they can respond to? You also want to make sure that your blog/site related social media outlets are not consumed by your personal life – this needs to be separate unless it directly relates to your blog.

Be Consistent

You have heard this many, many times, but it still holds true. PR firms want to see that you post regularly – not three times one week, nothing for the next two weeks, two things on one day and nothing for a month. This is too sporadic to keep your readers engaged, which means your followers are not seeking you out to see what you have to say. And that’s what PR firms want to see. One of the easiest ways to ensure you are consistent, even when your life gets busy, is to have weekly themed posts. Maybe you post a parenting tip every Monday or you post a shopping tip on Wednesdays, whatever is applicable to your audience.

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New Endorse! Offers Cashback Shopping

EndorseEndorse!, a beta app that launched last year for cash back shopping, is offering a preview version for Android for the first few thousand new users. Endorse basically pays you to be a brand ambassador for your favorite products. Purchase products, mail in your receipts and receive cashback.

From the Endorse Blog, here are some highlights of the new Endorse:

  • Instant Receipt Submission—by far your most common request was for a way to submit your receipts electronically. In the new Endorse, you’ll be able to send us your receipts instantly using your iPhone or Android phone. That’s right—no more waiting for your mailer to get to us in the mail!
  • Faster Receipt Processing—we’ve processed more than 250,000 of your receipts, and we’ve learned a lot in the process. When the new Endorse service launches, we’ll instantly process your receipts from many of the largest retailers in the country- like Target, Kroger, Walmart- right when you submit them.
  • Improved Look and Feel—you’ve probably noticed the new logo and design. We’ve changed more than the color scheme—we’ve worked hard to make the new Endorse as simple to use as it is pretty to look at.
  • New Ways to Save and Give—the new Endorse will feature multiple, simpler ways to save on the products you love; offers from 10% to 100% cash back; and the chance to give back to schools in your area every time you add a receipt to your account.

Getting Dumped on Twitter

Qwitter“You have 12 fewer followers.” That’s what Qwitter told me this week. Use Qwitter to trim your follower list by tracking which users unfollow you. But, I’m not mad, really. I know it’s you, not me..

Contest: DrunkHeadDog Cocktail Recipe

To the celebrate the World Bartender Championship, TGI Fridays is giving away $2,012 and gift cards for the best cocktail recipe. Here’s my submission for the perfect FatHeadDog cocktail:

raspberries with Champagne and vodka

1/2 shot of vodka
1/2 shot of Grand Marnier
Lots of ounces of Champagne (or until your arms get tired of holding the bottle)
1 pawful of fresh squeezed lime
A few splashes of Ginger Ale
Garnish with frozen raspberries
*Kibbles optional