Cheap Gas Apps… Say That 3 Times Fast

cheap-gasWith gas prices up again, its time to get out those cheap gas apps that may have gotten dusty on your smartphone. Here’s a few to get you started:

  • Gas Buddy has a full website, mobile site and app for free
  • Cheap Gas! is a robust app for tracking gas prices

Don’t forget about grocery store loyalty programs that offer up to 10 cents off a gallon. Tom Thumb/Randall’s and Kroger offer generous discounts at the pump. And now you can use any Shell station with your Kroger card for gas rewards.

Cash In Unwanted Gift Cards for Amazon Credit

If you received a gift card to Knitters R’ Us this Christmas, you can trade it in for cash, PayPal or credit on

You can sell gift cards for about 80 to 92% of the value of the card, depending on the retailer. For example, I sold a $25 California Pizza Kitchen gift card for $20.

You can also:

  • Exchange unwanted or partially used gift cards for credit at, or donate cards for the benefit of your favorite nonprofit organizations.
  • Purchase gift cards at a discount averaging 15% off the gift card’s balance for stores that you really want to shop at, like Power Tools R’ Us.

CVS finds new ways to lure me in

CVS Christmas CardI’m not embarrassed to admit my local CVS sent me a Christmas card. Ploy number one to gain my loyalty. It worked. Now, CVS has a new way to lure me into the store. You can earn free extra bucks when you join the new CVS  Beauty Club:

  • 10% off beauty shopping pass after enrollment
  • $5 Extra Bucks for every $50 spent on qualifying beauty purchases
  • $3 Extra Bucks as a birthday gift

I’ll be waiting for my Valentine’s Day card.

Why ‘Love Coupons’ Are Lame and What You Should Buy Instead

Do you have 15 friends? I don’t.. I mean, I’m a fathead dog. I don’t get out much. But if you’re of the two-leg variety, just round up 15 friends who’d like and you’ll get an easy $25 Amazon GC.

sculpted jewelry is a cool gift browsing site and social community. Users suggest their best gift ideas (for a current contest, if your gift idea is voted best, you’ll win a $500 Amazon GC) and vote–helping sort out the great gifts, like this sculpted jewelry tree from the lame ones, like “love coupons” (Sorry guys, they really are lame).

No purchase necessary on their part, just a confirmed email address. Referral contest runs until Dec. 15. I like that tree.

7 Things You Didn’t Know about Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards

free Pampers codes

free Pampers codes1. Sign up: If you’re not signed up for Pampers Gifts to Grow rewards, here’s a link. Collect points for free gift cards, books, toys and other items in their ever-changing rewards catalog. Earn more points by…

free pampers codes2. Making it a party: If you have other new mom friends, encourage them to sign up too. You’ll receive 10 points per new member. If you have a blog, you can request a referral link by visiting the Pampers Village section and entering your email address. They’ll generate a referral link for you on the spot. Watch your email for…

3. Free codes: Generic codes (ones that are not one-use only) are released occasionally for public consumption, often around holidays. Here’s one brand new code for you:  4HAPPYHALLOWEEN worth 5 points. More free codes can be found on…

4. Facebook: “Like” Pampers on Facebook for more free codes. In the past, they’ve released high value limited-time codes, so it pays to keep an eye on their updates in your Facebook newsfeed. More points means faster…

free-shutterfly-prints5. Rewards: I used to think the Shutterfly rewards were the best redemption on Pampers Gifts to Grow since I used Shutterfly so much anyway. But lately, Shutterfly, Snapfish and Kodak have been really generous in free print offers, so FatHeadDog recommends saving your points for larger Shutterfly items or other rewards, such as…

sams club gift card6. Gift cards: If you see one you have enough points for, snag it now! Previous gift cards have included CVS, Red Robin, and Sam’s Club. Gift cards fly off the Pampers virtual shelves quickly, so if you want it, get it. Of course, stay tuned to…

fatheaddog.com7. for free codes, tips and hints for making the most of your Pampers Gifts to Grow account.

What I Learned from George Constanza about MyCokeRewards

Powerade Double Points

Powerade Double PointsMy family and I were at the State Fair of Texas this past weekend when I glanced over at the trashcan and saw an empty 20-ounce bottle of Diet Coke (heart!) with the cap still on. Internal debate–is digging in the trash worth those 3 points? It was a very George Costanza moment. I opted not to dig, sparing myself questions from the 2-year-old FatHeadPup, asking in a squeaky toddler voice, “What you doing?”

Trash digging aside, there’s some cool stuff going on over at MyCokeRewards, the customer loyalty program that rewards Coca-Cola drinkers with prizes such as t-shirts, magazines subscriptions and free Coke products.

Powerade Double Points

Collect your POWERADE caps for a double points day Oct. 25, 2010. That means 3 points will become 6 on 10/25 only.

Free $5 Gift Card

With only 134 points, you can get a free $5 Brinker gift card, good at Chili’s, Macaroni Grill, Maggiano’s and On the Border restaurants. The fine print says limit one redemption per customer, but I’d act fast since these things tend to sell out quickly. Gift cards are fairly rare on MyCokeRewards, so when you see them, redeem them.

Free McDonald’s Code

If you’re playing Monopoly at McDonald’s (another nerdy obsession of mine that I’ll dive into in another post), MyCokeRewards is offering a free Monopoly code–MCRFREECODE–for a chance to win 30 MCR points.

Cheapskate Santa: How to Earn Extra Cash for Your Holiday Shopping

In this several-part series entitled Cheapskate Santa, FatHeadDog will share her favorite money-saving and money-earning techniques for the holiday season.

Earn FREE Amazon Gift Cards on Swagbucks

Until now, FatHeadDog has been on the fence about search and win sites. Then once I researched the best practices for winning, I’ve now got the hang of it and winning. Here’s how:

Swagbucks: You earn “Swagbucks” for searches performed on their site (as opposed to searching on Google). Points range from 7 to 50 “bucks” earned. You can redeem these bucks for thousands of prizes, but the best value, by far, is the $5 gift card for 450 bucks.

  1. Perform your searches approximately three to four times a day, several hours apart. I search first thing in the morning, after lunch, late afternoon and in the evening, earning about 7 to 10 bucks each.
  2. Once you win bucks from a search, its fairly unlikely you’ll hit it again in a consecutive search, so you can save your next search for a few hours later.
  3. When searching, try related terms to the original you searched, and click through all the pages of results. Also, you can try searching photos or videos for the same term. To me at least, it seems searching “deep” wins better results than searching “shallow” with dozens of unrelated terms (which, by the way, can penalize you if Swagbucks thinks you’re not performing “natural searches”).
  4. Share the site with others who might like it, too and you’ll receive matching points for what they earn. That can make earning those Amazon gift cards easier and faster than ever.

Click here to sign up for On the left-side column, click on NOSO and keep clicking Skip or Next Offer on each offer until you reach the last page and receive 1 free Swagbuck.

Then, click on TRUSTED SURVEYS and you’ll receive another free Swagbuck.

Finally, click on DAILY POLL and vote to receive 1 free Swagbuck. Do this daily for 3 automatic bucks, in addition to your search wins.

The great thing about Fridays are Mega Swag Bucks, which offer larger denomination wins on Fridays only.