Daily Deals Pt 1: MooLaLa Could Be a Cash Cow

Now that I’ve finished writing my feature on daily deals and flash sale sites, I know more about them than I could ever bore someone long enough to tell all. No one’s willing to indulge me, so I’ll share my wisdom here in this four-part series. (Why four parts? Why not?)

MooLaLa daily deals

MooLaLa.com is the one and only daily deal site that pays cash, instead of credit, for friend referrals. They pay you 2% back for your purchases, 2% of every sale that you refer, and 2% of every sale that they refer. They’ll pay you in milk if you prefer.

Groupon announced this week a new customer loyalty program called Groupon Rewards, which will offer cashback for repeat purchases. They might as well start mockups for the Groupon credit card now.

Plum District is like Groupon and Living Social, but founded by a mom–hence its tagline “For Moms. By Moms.” Or dogs, whatever.

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6 Replies to “Daily Deals Pt 1: MooLaLa Could Be a Cash Cow”

  1. Hello Shelby Skrhak: Since you have so much knowledge on flash sale sites, please bore me with some of your FS facts.
    In particular, I have been trying to find information Online about “Understanding flash sales before approaching flash sale site BUYERS”. I would like to know what flash sale sites expect from vendors. How do they operate in relation to the entire sale process concerning the vendor. Of course I know they do differ from each other, but what is the norm for general process for vendors. The foremost question I have is: Is there anyway to make the product after the buyer begins negotiations, but before the P.O. is given? In my case I have a lot of materials in stock and because the material is very expensive, I would rather know I have a contingent P.O. before allotting the material to flash sale product(s) use.
    P.S. Note to JON DALE, Chief Happiness Officer at Moolala: Would love for you to shed some of your happiness on me. Please contact me, Clazi at watchdogcollarcom.

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  3. Thanks for writing about us!

    You’re readers may be interested in our buy and share program as well. It pays huge cash rewards to people who buy a deal and then share it with friends (who buy the deal as well).


    Jon Dale
    Chief Happiness Officer at Moolala

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