FatHeadDog on Twitter Roundup for 2012-02-05

  • Via @nprbooks: Quiz: Are you an introvert or extrovert? http://t.co/FJER2rc0 #
  • How FB, Twitter, Amazon and MySpace sites looked at launch via @lostateminor http://t.co/0Sa1uPaD #
  • New York leper colony: Eerie pictures inside abandoned world of lost island http://t.co/Ygk8h5cz #
  • Clearly, you've never met me. http://t.co/Qd0wIxe1 #
  • I'll trade Technotronic for Hall & Oates… http://t.co/kfOTTONU #
  • Today you can get the PayPal – $5 for 100 SB's off reg price. Swagname: FatHeadDog http://t.co/VGXYCw2g #BraggableBargain #
  • Get a free friendship bracelet when you sign up for sneakpeeq – Discover emerging designers, artists and food makers! https://t.co/v1jYugkR #
  • Any reviews of EXPO? Earn rewards, review products and post video reviews at EXPO http://t.co/thuoiLFL via @expoTV #
  • Awesomeness is the @RobLowe bat-shirt http://t.co/S51Ahe1v #
  • According to @Twirus SOPA was mentioned 488,000 times yesterday, 7x more than Justin Bieber and it was trending in almost all countries. #
  • If anyone needs to look something up on @wikipedia, just ask me. I'll make something up for you. #SOPA protest #
  • Most Tweets are 28 characters long, via @TheCounter #
  • Words of wisdom from the SUCCESS magazine newsroom: "OMG is always better than WTF" #

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