FatHeadDog on Twitter Roundup for 2012-03-25

  • Dear Martha Stewart wannabe… beef jerky and chili are appropriate baby shower dishes, right? Just me? #
  • Dear Martha Stewart wannabe…also sorry for vandalizing your crafts made of tulle. They really were nice. #
  • Guess I should give that girl in my sorority more credit for being party planning queen. I'm sorry I called you Martha Stewart wannabe. #
  • Most ridiculous #fail to date: Emailing a jpg of party invite after lost in mail for weeks. "Happy Thursday! Come to a party this weekend" #
  • Tickets to Tings Tings at the Granada + Signed Vinyl LP for $38 http://t.co/hd2MWWox via @GiltCityDallas #
  • Is this really The Most Beautiful Suicide? We think so via @lostateminor http://t.co/7DJNSd9r #
  • Extreme Arm Wrestling? http://t.co/1zZXd0as via @SUCCESSmagazine It seems anything can be made an extreme sport… #
  • Interesting new blog, @Deliberatism (don't worry my Texan tweeps, it's not about liberals): "Forget Self-Improvement" http://t.co/M1ko2d3J #
  • Parody: HOT! All Amazon Products 50% Off TODAY ONLY http://t.co/tjSlTqqo via @FatHeadTweet #
  • Im just confused– an email from Google Wage? http://t.co/uhmgHscc #
  • Thank you clunky rain boots.. thank you #
  • Annoying PR pitch of the day: "Is this right email address to send pitches?" Are u going to send me email telling me ur sending email too? #
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