FatHeadDog on Twitter Roundup for 2012-09-16

  • Rita Davenport: For every 1 negative thought you take in, it takes 100 minutes for you to erase it. #successsymposium #
  • Denis Waitley: Share your knowledge. You can't keep it. #successsymposium #
  • Denis Waitley: No one is born with self confidence. Self confidence is learned and earned with experience. #successsymposium #
  • One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make is they sell like they want to be sold to. #successsymposium #
  • Live tweeting fr SUCCESS Symposium. Connie Podesta on stage: which shape are you, square, circle, triangle, swiggle? http://t.co/o53ivWNf #
  • SUCCESS feat. John Maxwell on newsstands now. Visit http://t.co/1sHjHHel for a sneak peek at his new book http://t.co/irrTLte2 #
  • Capture the moment with @Shutterfly. Claim one free professionally-bound photo book. #SFLYperk http://t.co/B5vSfJ5i #
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