I’m a Salty Dog

The FatHeadDog has been known to eat the contents of her desk drawer for lunch. Not file folders, but granola bars, ramen noodles, hot sauce packets and any random candy found leftover in a candy dish. Saves time AND money, right? My doctor thinks otherwise.

High blood pressure schmlod pressure. And the killer is, I’d just snapped up these economical (cheap-ass) staples for lunch. 50 cents for lunch! (I’m not promoting gross sodium consumption–1,170 mg of sodium–but come on, a 12-pack of Hot & Spicy Shrimp ramen for $6.81 with the 15% subscribe and save discount!)

So, because I can’t eat these yummy little fake food containers of goodness, I’ll pass along the salty details to you. Just don’t tell your doctor that FatHeadDog sent you.

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