As a money-saving expert, Shelby Skrhak has appeared in the following:

“Plano Mom Saves Big Bucks Shopping Smart” (video)

NBC5 Dallas–A Plano mom saved over $4,000 in one year shopping at CVS.

“Talk a Little–Or a Whole Lot? Pre-Paid May Be for You” (video)

NBC5 Dallas — No contracts and no credit checks? Are prepaid cell phone plans a good deal or a case of “too good to be true?” The catch? Customers pay in advance. But Shelby Skrhak, a mom and expert saver, said the plans offer pretty good deals.

NBC5 Dallas/Fort Worth “Plano Woman Finds Computer Deals Online” (video)

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MomTalkRadio with Maria Bailey “Claritin Moms On Air” (audio)

Air date July 15, 2012–As a brand ambassador for Children’s Claritin, Shelby Skrhak discusses tips for your child’s allergies and how to help make the medicine go down.

As Managing Web Editor of SUCCESS magazine, Shelby has appeared on:

Sept 22 show (audio)

 September 24, 2012
 5 Common Words That Create Failure, The power of a personal growth plan, Joe the producer Pulls Ken’s String & Success Magazine Managing Web Editor Shelby Skrhak

SUCCESS Magazine SUCCESS Magazine on YouTube (video)
October 23, 2012

SUCCESS Interviews: Rita Davenport on the Key to Her Success

Read Shelby’s latest article in SUCCESS magazine:

The Writing Habits of Successful (But Creatively Stuck) People

May 28, 2015

Without writing, I didn’t realize how “backed up” my mind had gotten.

Lately, I’d been so caught up in new SUCCESS projects that I didn’t realize how dusty my pen had become, how lonely my headphones were or how sorely missed was my Pandora One subscription. I just nearly gave myself a heart attack plugging in my headphones and turning on the app to find my volume at max. (Seriously, my left arm hurts now.)


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  1. hey shelby! we just met at that tmobile thing:) anyways, checking out your site and i have to tell you i remember that first video clip from when was it? years ago right? i remember seeing you talk about all the money you saved and all of those items on your table on the news one day. very cool! 🙂 glad we met. great site! hope to see you again at the next dfw blogger party!

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