Is Boss a Four-Letter Word?

Sunday, Oct. 16 marks an important holiday. Surely, you didn’t forget? Father’s Day, Mother’s Day? No, it’s National Boss Day.

For entrepreneurs and small-business owners, Boss Day could be any day, really. And be thankful for that; as you can probably attest, there are some pretty bad bosses out there.

Celebrated on Oct. 16, or the nearest working day, National Boss Day began in 1958 when Patricia Haroski, a State Farm Insurance secretary from Deerfield, filed the date with a national registry. Was this a lame attempt at “suck-uppery”? Perhaps, but her boss was also her father. She’d forgotten his birthday days earlier, and made this gesture instead.

Does that suggest the relationship between a boss and his or her employees can be parental? Sure, but that’s just one girl who forgot her dad’s birthday. Mentor to mentee, trainer to trainee, sometimes even tormentor to tormentee can also describe that unique bond with someone whom you spend 40 or more hours with weekly. Do you have any of the following types of bad bosses?

The Michael Scott (The Office television series): A delusional but well-meaning person whose management techniques were taken from the back flap of… CLICK HERE to read the entire post at the SUCCESS magazine blog.

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