Missioni mania photos from Target

When I arrived at Target at 8:15 a.m., this was all that remained– a large man in the red shirt. He said when the store opened at 8 a.m., he had a line of 75 women waiting at the door for the highly anticipated Missioni for Target clothing, accessory and housewares event. West Plano women with their Burberry and Louis Vuitton bags swarmed the store, according to one woman I talked to in line, “grabbing anything I could find.”

I grabbed the very last piece on the rack, a black and white zigzag (as seen on the Missioni sign above) short-sleeve shirt for $29.99 and cradled it as my own. As I walked to the checkout, two women were in front of me with handfuls of clothes, bags, scarves and housewares. $750 was the first lady’s total. The second lady held up three black and white zigzag button down blouses for $39.99 against her, and mumbled “I’ll put these back for someone else.” That someone else was me.

I got caught up in the mania, and grabbed all three. Like a Lord of the Rings character whispering “precious,” I scurried to the checkout holding three identical shirts in assorted sizes, reasoning with myself–I’ll buy one for me and sell the rest.

This Missioni event was huge. Really. Twenty page spread in Vogue. Buzz throughout the industry. And it single-handedly took down the Target.com website for more than three hours. The store manager said they wouldn’t restock, so once its gone, its gone.

I’m still clutching my black and white blouse, cradling it and whispering “precious.”


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