As Seen on NBC5

In a series about ways to save money around the house, NBC5’s Meredith Land interviewed me about my annual savings at CVS with my Extra Care reward card. In one year’s time, I saved more than $4,000 on household toiletries by taking advantage of CVS’s Extra Bucks program, weekly sales and coupons.

Original air date: Friday, Feb. 13

Mom Saves Big Bucks Shopping Smart

How to Get Free Toothpaste at CVS

If you’re new to CVS’ing, here’s how to get free toothpaste at CVS with your Extra Care reward card:

This week (2/15-2/21), CVS is offering 4oz Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste for $2.99. It gives $2.99 back in Extra Bucks. So that’s free right? Use a coupon and make it a moneymaker.

1. Buy one Colgate for $2.99.

2. Use a $.75off coupon if you have it from the newspaper. OR, do a Google search for $1.50 Aetna Colgate coupon and print one for yourself.

3. Pay approx. $1.50 or 2.25 (depending on your coupon) and get $2.99 back in Extra Bucks.

4. Then, “rinse and repeat” to use that $2.99 Extra Bucks to buy another tube (limit is 2 total).

5. Use another $1.50 coupon.

6. Pick up a pack of gum or something inexpensive (at least $1.50), because you won”t get change back on your $2.99 Extra Buck.

6. Total will be approx. $1.50 plus whatever you buy $1.50, and pay with your $2.99 Extra Buck. Your total will be next to nothing.

Conclusion: You’ve paid $1.50 out of pocket for 2 tubes of toothpaste and a pack of gum, and then you’ve got a $2.99 Extra Buck to use next time. Don’t forget about this valuable piece of paper though! It’ll expire in about a month.