This is what you get when you apply to Upwork at 11pm Saturday night

Shelby Skrhak Upwork freelance
Fun fact, I cropped Scooter Braun out of my profile photo here.


Thanks for my newfound employment status, tonight on Upwork I made the transition from client, the one assigning the work, to freelancer, the one doing the work. For those unfamiliar, Upwork is a platform for matching work for hire professionals to available projects.  I live-tweeted this #breakingnews event for you.  Let’s tune in:

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A gracious person always is

SUCCESS magazine shutting down
February 2017 cover inside a conference room at SUCCESS HQ

When I wrote yesterday about SUCCESS magazine shutting down abruptly, I questioned whether I was too gracious offering to help shut things down after I learned they selected other people to do that for me. I felt embarassed I was so eager to help the company that just dumped me over the phone. Then an ex-boss piped up on a comment saying, “A gracious person always is” and as usual, he’s right.

When you’re a helpful person, you help. When you’re an organized person, you organize. When you’re a positive person, you help lift others.

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