Here’s the problem with this blog.

I have no idea what it is.

When I started, I explained exactly how I scored all my great deals at CVS. Roll the clip. That’s video of me on NBC5 in Dallas bragging about my $4,000 in savings. And I wasn’t even trying that hard.

But soon, everyone had a Mommy Blog and I couldn’t keep up with the sheer volume of deals that came out daily. Something about a full-time job really cramps your blogging lifestyle.

I rebranded as a “Deals site with bite” and I threatened physical harm on anyone that called me a Mommy Blogger. I oozed snark. I wrote about an old sorority sister, confessing my nickname for her “Martha Stewart Wannabe” and my mutilation of her things crafty. Exhibit A.

baby shower tweets My Personal Fail Whale

Then I got a promotion at work, making me head of all things editorial on the Internets for SUCCESS magazine and I got lazy with the blog. I posted pretty, old pictures. Let’s take a look.

120 Radioactive Beauty Products, 1930s

So that brings me here. I’m heading to South by Southwest in March 2013 for SUCCESS magazine, but I’d like to say I’m also a brilliant blogger with a clever sounding blog. What’s a dog to do? Apparently, I write this post with the same aimless abandon I’ve treated my 539 other FatHeadDog blog posts.

Make that 540.


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