Review: Insight Exchange Team

Insight ExchangeLately I’ve been exploring paid and reward market research survey sites, and came across Insight Exchange Team by recommendation. I don’t post negative reviews that often, but Insight Exchange certainly disappointed.

Receive 1 to10 points for every completed survey.
You can redeem 10 points to Plant a Tree or 65 points for a $25 gift certificate.

My first red flag was the lack of compelling prizes. Planting a tree is a unique prize, but I was disappointed to see the only other prize was a $25 gift certificate. Looks good on paper, but you’ll learn that is more like a coupon than a gift card. You have to purchase a minimum amount to use the certificate–for example, you can take $25 off a $50 meal. If you’re a frequent diner, that’s a great 50% off, but its not a good fit for my family.

My second and final red flag: I went to redeem my Plant a Tree certificate today and (insert Price is Right lose theme) it had already been redeemed by another user. That’s it; I’m out!

If you’ve had a similar experience, or if you’ve had a GREAT experience with Insight, I’d love to hear about it!

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