Review: RewardsGold for free magazines

Maxim magazineRewards Gold is a great website for obtaining free one-year subscriptions to magazines such as Wired, U.S. News & World Report, Town and Country, Forbes, Working Mother and more. Right now, they’re offering a 1-yr free subscription to Maxim magazine while supplies last. (By the way, I know you didn’t read any of the words above because your eyes wandered over to Jessica Simpson’s boobies. It’s ok. Go ahead and look… now back to the post.)

Recently posted: Here’s a current link (still valid as of Aug. 9) to sign up for Rewards Gold and get a free subscription to Car and Driver magazine.

Through various sample and sponsored subscription sites, you can pick up some great finds of free magazine subscriptions. How does it work? The simple answer is free “sample” equals more exposure to new audiences who may convert their sample into a paid subscription.

Pretty simple process, just fill out a few questions about yourself and interests–you can ignore the part about referring friends–and select your free subscription. For offers from Rewards Gold, its ok to give them your real email address because they don’t send many emails and the ones they do consist of more free magazine subscription offers to popular consumer magazines.

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