SUCCESS magazine shutting down

SUCCESS magazine shutting down
Classic SUCCESS covers waiting to be hung on move-in day for the new Plano headquarters two years ago. Today SUCCESS magazine is shutting down.


In an age of digital first and often digital only, SUCCESS magazine was the lone carrier of the flag bearing, “People will read again.” On Jan. 15, SUCCESS magazine got in the unemployment line with many of the news industry’s stalwart publications as we learned SUCCESS magazine is shutting down and laying off the majority of the magazine, website, video and design staff.

I am unemployed for the first time since I was 16 years old. And as I think about it more, I was entirely too gracious on the phone, offering to help them in any way I could.

Did I not mention? We were fired by phone call at 9pm.

I found out later they kept on a few people to do exactly what I’d offered, to help shut down SUCCESS, so I guess I’m relieved those services aren’t wanted of me.

I don’t think I could walk into our shiny, new building with the 12 foot tall cover of SUCCESS in the lobby and see our desks abandoned like a Cold War fallout shelter anyway.

Ny next chapter

I’d been with SUCCESS for 11 years, helping build from a few thousand visitors a month to 2 million uniques monthly. I worked with my small but mighty team to grow our social media from 70,000 on Facebook to a combined 6 million fans across all social platforms.

I really did live and breathe SUCCESS like so many of our dedicated, talented team, who are now all unemployed or may soon be, and that’s what hurts most. A part of us literally died last night, and we have no idea why.

SUCCESS magazine really was special. We knew it was special. Our fans knew it was special.

My God, the fans

My heart just fell again. They’re the purest group of personal development fans we’ve ever heard of. They like us deserve to know the whole story.

We earned their trust. But the last thing we should do is split in the middle of the night like some snakeoil salesman.

But I guess that’s why death is such a shock; it happens in a split second and leaves things vastly different in its wake. You can’t ask questions, and you can’t undo it.

Yep, here lies SUCCESS magazine. The last issue of the magazine will be its March 2018 issue featuring the Sharks of Shark Tank. is still up for the time being, and the SUCCESS Talks and SUCCESS Insider podcasts are scheduled to publish for another week or two.

So, I would end this blog by saying “Rest in peace,” but I’m not done with this obit yet. I gotta keep writing to keep my sanity.

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About me

Shelby Skrhak is former Director of Digital Content and Social Media for SUCCESS magazine and Until recently, she co-hosted the SUCCESS Insider and SUCCESS Talks podcasts. Feel free to contact her at; she’s got some time on her hands.

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12 Replies to “SUCCESS magazine shutting down”

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  2. Hi Shelby,

    David Williams here, a former co-worker.

    I’m sorry you guys had to so abruptly find out, things were folding up. But it doesn’t surprise me when you’re talking Stuart Johnson. Jim McCabe told me that Stuart made him lay me off because he didn’t want any more direct response ads in the magazine. I was given a very generous severence package, all of my PTO, and a lump sum of all commission due for the next 3 months. However I thought it was odd, because that was $600,000 in advertising sales a year he was just blowing off. I still talk to Steve Norton, and the way Stuart treated people was really alarming. This was no surprise to him either.

    I found an interesting clip you should look at. It implies that Stuart was in some trouble, like serious legal trouble. Click on the link, and scroll down to the text in green. Read the subhead titled “Stuart Johnson”

  3. This is unfortunate as I really enjoyed the magazine and podcast regularly. In fact I purchased two subscriptions for my sons this Christmas to ensure they would be inspired and motivated for success. Keep us posted on the future as both Shelby and Josh (as well as all the others) have bright futures!

  4. Oh no! I loved listening to your podcast with Josh Ellis! I thought Success was motivational & inspirational. It will be sorely missed. :-/

  5. I too was let go and will miss all my friends there. It’s no surprise the ceo phoned it in, he is truly a piece of work and no one I know who left will miss working with that guy.

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