Spring Clean Your Bookshelves with Amazon Buyback

Ready to spring clean? Consider selling your books to Amazon.com for free Amazon credit and gift cards. I’ve used Amazon’s textbook buyback–which is open to all books, not just textbooks–dozens of times and it’s worked great every time.

Here’s the how-to:
1. Visit Amazon’s trade-in store page and enter your book’s ISBN number, often found on the back cover near the barcode.

2. If Amazon is buying the book, it’ll show you the Trade-In Value. If it’s not (for example, if it’s not in demand, too old, a select paperback or sometimes self-published), it’ll say Did Not Match Any Products.

3. When you’re done entering books, click Submit and Select a Shipping Method–best methods are UPS via pre-paid label or USPS. Package your books in a box, adhere the shipping label to the outside, and voila!

4. In about 2-3 weeks, your Amazon credit will automatically be deposited into your textbook buyback account.


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Parody: HOT! All Amazon Products 50% Off TODAY ONLY

I love how “creative” deals bloggers get. “HOT! All Amazon Products 50% Off TODAY ONLY!” Translated, buy a $10 Amazon gift card for $5.

“$100 worth of coupons for $1!!” Translated, buy a one-year subscription to All You magazine for $12. Within each issue, which calculates to $1 each, find coupons that total up to $100.

“HURRY! Get Free Food, Samples, Beauty Products + $100 Cash for Your Opinion!” Translated, join a consumer marketing research panel, which offers select sampling programs and point-accumulating surveys, that can you cash in once you accumulate thousands of points.

I’m not sure which bothers me more–The creative math or the exclamation points.

Now, the Amazon $10 gift card for $5 deal is a real one, and live today. But by no means am I going to yell that you must “hurry,” “act now” or emphasize that it’s “hot.”

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