Don’t Shop and Fly

FatHeadDog Frugal Tip of the Day: Don’t cave in. You can pay up to 34% more for those airport impulse buys.

Watch Your Wallet While Shopping for Airport Electronics

By , dealnews Features DirectorIn the next few days, airports nationwide will be flooded with travelers en route to see family or friends for the Christmas weekend. And if we’re to believe the New York Times, they might be shopping for electronics while they wait.The Times recently published an article that documented the recent growth of consumer electronics stores and kiosks in the airport, like Brookstone, InMotion, and Best Buy vending machines. Some travelers will buy up headphones and chargers to replace broken or forgotten necessities, while others might be looking for a diversion or “treat” for their travels. It’s also reasonable to think that, right before the holidays, travelers may also be looking for some last-minute gifts for anyone they haven’t yet shopped for.

But how much will it cost you to do your shopping at the airport, instead of in advance? A consultant quoted in the Times article said that most of the items in these stores are available at prices equal to or within 10% of what you can find at other retailers. Considering a bottle of water could cost you around $5 at Newark Liberty, we weren’t so confident in those supposed price points… CLICK HERE to continue reading.

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