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Mind Your Basic Email P’s and Q’s

An overload of communications

My mother is a member of her neighborhood’s homeowners association. When I hear some of the tales of accidental Reply All’s, Blind Carbon Copy emails, misinterpreted tone and other email blunders, I wonder how something as basic as email etiquette is still the cause of so many misunderstandings. So, while cleaning out my press release folder, I came across this tip sheet from communication expert and author Roshini Rajkumar. It’s at least 10 months old, so a bit old for SUCCESS.com, but the information is always relevant. You can forward this to your board members, Mom.

  • Proof your post or email—two or three times. Grammatical errors and typos are so easy to fix, and when you post content with typos, you’re sending a message about yourself, the wrong message.
  • Have a purpose for the message you’re sending or posting. Make sure your post is to the point and clear. If you can’t follow it, how do you expect your followers to? Be short, be precise and be smart. Continue reading Mind Your Basic Email P’s and Q’s

Pen Zen – The Art of Organization | Quirky Products

With Pen Zen, your desk clutter can finally find inner peace.

Pen Zen is a storage unit for pens, pencils, highlighters, and other office supplies. Position your Pen Zen horizontally with the items extending out of the top, or stand it upright with the items extending out of the ends.

Hidden magnets below the bamboo surface hold paper clips and other small magnetic items.

$19.99Pen Zen – The Art of Organization | Quirky Products.

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