Gilt Sells Fiats Via Flash Sale

It’s not the first time that, the upscale flash sale site has offered automobiles for sale online, but noteworthy with such a fashionable brand as Fiat. Gilt-FiatThe sale, which began today at 12pm EST, features a Fiat 500 by Gucci plus a trip to Italy for $27,750 (honest to God, a bargain). Later in the day a Fiat 500 Cabrio and 500 Abarth will go on sale, for a price not listed until sale time.

For more on daily deals, read my December 2011 cover story in SUCCESS magazine about how to make daily deals work for your small business.

Free $10 Credit at RueLaLa

Because FatHeadDog thinks you’re neat, I convinced RueLaLa to give you $10 free credit. Really, I growled and howled until they said, “Yes, we’ll give all new members* a free $10 credit.”

Yeahh, I realize they said “all new members” but I chose to read “FatHeadDog readers.” I have selective reading like that.

Superheros, Ashamed of Your Dingy Cape? Have No Fear.

Just in case your superhero cape is on the fritz, here’s an Eversave Deal for you.  Pay $20 for $40 worth of superhero apparel for kids and adults from! Customize your own capes, masks, and cuffs with a variety of colors, emblems and monograms. I’m working on my FatHeadDog cape now.

Power CapesToday’s Save:$20 for $40 worth of customized superhero costumes from

Expires 11:59 PM – Oct 13, 2011

Spend $60 or more when redeeming your voucher to receive $5 in Save Rewards as part of Eversave Extras. New members get this deal for $17 when they use their $3 credit.

Daily Deals Pt 2: Name Your Own Price at Modnique


Continuing to explore the daily deal sites, get the scoop on MooLaLa, Groupon and Plum District in Pt 1. Now, we’ll explore one particular flash sale site, Modnique.

Modnique is a fashion and accessory flash sale site but here’s the unique thing I just discovered. When sales are winding down to their last day and hours, you can “Make an Offer” on remaining inventory. Yeah, like bartering… I’ll show you how.

Modnique Make an Offer

When you sign up for the site, scroll down to the middle of the page, where the various sales have green MAKE AN OFFER banners. Pick a sale, then pick an item. When you open the item, click on the Make An Offer button next to the Add to Bag. A window will popup where you enter your selection and offer amount, and submit it to a live online agent who’ll assist you. Here’s how my offer went:

Modnique Make An Offer

Modnique: Hi, thank you for contacting Modnique customer support. How can I assist your offer today?
FatHeadDog: I’d like to make an offer on this item, please.
Modnique: Sure, I’d be happy to assist. I seem to be getting an unknown error with your offer. Can you please resubmit? For some reason, my screen is showing “2 Bones.”
FatHeadDog: No, that’s correct.
Modnique: 2 Bones.
FatHeadDog: Yes.
Modnique: Please hold while I contact my supervisor.
Idle one minute.
Modnique: Thank you for your patience. I’m sorry but I cannot accept “2 Bones” at this time. I submit a counteroffer of $24.
FatHeadDog: Thank you. I counteroffer $12 and a slightly used leash.
Modnique: I’m sorry but we do not accept goods for trade. The best offer I can give at this time is $22.
FatHeadDog: Thank you for your consideration, but I’ll have to decline at this time. I hear my leash in the hall.
Modnique: The one you offered?
FatHeadDog: No, why?
Idle one minute.
Modnique: Have a good day and thank you for contacting Modnique.

Daily Deals Pt 1: MooLaLa Could Be a Cash Cow

Now that I’ve finished writing my feature on daily deals and flash sale sites, I know more about them than I could ever bore someone long enough to tell all. No one’s willing to indulge me, so I’ll share my wisdom here in this four-part series. (Why four parts? Why not?)

MooLaLa daily deals is the one and only daily deal site that pays cash, instead of credit, for friend referrals. They pay you 2% back for your purchases, 2% of every sale that you refer, and 2% of every sale that they refer. They’ll pay you in milk if you prefer.

Groupon announced this week a new customer loyalty program called Groupon Rewards, which will offer cashback for repeat purchases. They might as well start mockups for the Groupon credit card now.

Plum District is like Groupon and Living Social, but founded by a mom–hence its tagline “For Moms. By Moms.” Or dogs, whatever.