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Free Gift Cards for Good Deeds

I love coming across cool little sites like DailyFeats.com. The good deed-inator (thinly veiled Phineas and Ferb reference) awards points for good choices such as taking the stairs, floss, reading the news,  drinking more water and more. The folks behind DailyFeats.com say their goal is  socially responsible entrepreneurship. The part I love is this:

Your Life Score at DailyFeats represents how well you’re doing. It’s based on the amount and frequency of feats you check in; more feats mean a higher score, but just as in real life, you make a bigger difference when you’re consistent over time. If you leave DailyFeats for a couple of days (such as over the weekend) your score won’t drop very much, but it will gradually fall if you do fewer or no feats. Think of it as a reminder to keep your progress up!

Here’s an idea of the types of activities and points you’ll receive. Save up 5,000 points for a $10 Amazon.com, Best Buy or Toys R Us gift card. Now about that 1pt Daily Feat for “skipping soda.” Yeahh, I’m just gonna ignore that one.

Floss your teeth.  floss  3 points
Get up at a decent hour. early to rise  3 points
Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.  take the stairs  3 points
Get some whole grains into your diet. whole grains  2 points
Eat some fresh fruit or vegetables.  fruit and veggies  2 points
Get some serious exercise. workout  10 points
Drink a cup of green tea.  green tea  2 points
Walk somewhere. walking  3 points
Read some news. read the news  1 point