Endorse! for iPhone Now Available

, a beta app that launched last year for cash back shopping, relaunched with a preview version for Android last month, and now they’ve announced the new app for iPhone. Endorse rewards 10-20% for select brands or grocery items.

  1. Browse offers: before or while you shop
  2. Upload receipts: after shopping, send us your receipts and let us know what you bought
  3. Earn cash rewards: every time you upload receipts and redeem offers, you’ll earn cash back
  4. Earn points, too: just for uploading receipts, even ones without redeemed offers, you’ll earn points redeemable for charitable donations made in your name

Bottom line: The first incarnation of Endorse was so generous (up to 20% back on your entire purchase at TJ Maxx, Wal-Mart and Target), that it truly felt too good to be true. Read my first review here. Endorse 2.0 saw some significant changes, but overall I think a more sustainable model.

Snapping a pic of your receipt is faster and easier than mailing receipts in for Endorse 1.0. So far, I’ve uploaded two receipts and earned 10 points, and received 10% back for purchasing any brand of ice cream. (Frosty Paws for those following along at home.)


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New Endorse! Offers Cashback Shopping

EndorseEndorse!, a beta app that launched last year for cash back shopping, is offering a preview version for Android for the first few thousand new users. Endorse basically pays you to be a brand ambassador for your favorite products. Purchase products, mail in your receipts and receive cashback.

From the Endorse Blog, here are some highlights of the new Endorse:

  • Instant Receipt Submission—by far your most common request was for a way to submit your receipts electronically. In the new Endorse, you’ll be able to send us your receipts instantly using your iPhone or Android phone. That’s right—no more waiting for your mailer to get to us in the mail!
  • Faster Receipt Processing—we’ve processed more than 250,000 of your receipts, and we’ve learned a lot in the process. When the new Endorse service launches, we’ll instantly process your receipts from many of the largest retailers in the country- like Target, Kroger, Walmart- right when you submit them.
  • Improved Look and Feel—you’ve probably noticed the new logo and design. We’ve changed more than the color scheme—we’ve worked hard to make the new Endorse as simple to use as it is pretty to look at.
  • New Ways to Save and Give—the new Endorse will feature multiple, simpler ways to save on the products you love; offers from 10% to 100% cash back; and the chance to give back to schools in your area every time you add a receipt to your account.
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