What I Learned from George Constanza about MyCokeRewards

Powerade Double Points

Powerade Double PointsMy family and I were at the State Fair of Texas this past weekend when I glanced over at the trashcan and saw an empty 20-ounce bottle of Diet Coke (heart!) with the cap still on. Internal debate–is digging in the trash worth those 3 points? It was a very George Costanza moment. I opted not to dig, sparing myself questions from the 2-year-old FatHeadPup, asking in a squeaky toddler voice, “What you doing?”

Trash digging aside, there’s some cool stuff going on over at MyCokeRewards, the customer loyalty program that rewards Coca-Cola drinkers with prizes such as t-shirts, magazines subscriptions and free Coke products.

Powerade Double Points

Collect your POWERADE caps for a double points day Oct. 25, 2010. That means 3 points will become 6 on 10/25 only.

Free $5 Gift Card

With only 134 points, you can get a free $5 Brinker gift card, good at Chili’s, Macaroni Grill, Maggiano’s and On the Border restaurants. The fine print says limit one redemption per customer, but I’d act fast since these things tend to sell out quickly. Gift cards are fairly rare on MyCokeRewards, so when you see them, redeem them.

Free McDonald’s Code

If you’re playing Monopoly at McDonald’s (another nerdy obsession of mine that I’ll dive into in another post), MyCokeRewards is offering a free Monopoly code–MCRFREECODE–for a chance to win 30 MCR points.

Free Starbucks Rewards


If you’re ever at SuperTarget and are abhorred to see a starbucks-cardMom hand her toddler son a sip of her Mocha Frappacino, then you’re in luck. You’ve met FatHeadDog!

If you have a Starbucks gift card or purchase one, be sure and register it on the Starbucks site for a free sandwich, a free drink on your birthday and other rewards. The program, called Starbucks Rewards, tracks your purchases with your gift card, so just keep your gift card loaded to enjoy special perks and freebies.

For a limited time, new members who sign up for Starbucks Rewards will receive a coupon in the mail for a free Artisan Breakfast Sandwich (offer valid from 8/31–9/21). On your birthday, you’ll receive a free beverage of your choice. In store, you’ll receive free refills of brewed coffee or iced tea with the Rewards Card. And give FatHeadDog a high five while you’re there.

Trade Frederick’s of Hollywood for Home Depot…

Buy, Sell, & Trade Gift Cards at PlasticJungle.com If that gift card to Frederick’s of Hollywood just isn’t your speed, try selling it for cash or Amazon.com credit. You can buy, sell and trade gift cards at PlasticJungle.com. I’ve been following Plastic Jungle for a while and intrigued, but just haven’t pulled the trigger. A nerd for research, here’s what I’ve found:

The Rundown:

  • Sell gift cards for up to 85% of the cash value.
  • Example: Sell a Home Depot $50 gift card for $42 cash or $44.10 Amazon.com gift card
  • Buy gift cards for up to 25% off the face value.
  • Example: Purchase a Frederick’s of Hollywood $50 gift card for $39

It’s a great idea when you get stuck with a retail gift card that you know you’ll never use. The site offers a guarantee for both gift card buyers and sellers in the event the gift card is invalid or the balance is less than what was advertised.

I’m gonna give it a shot with a Jiffy Lube gift card I have (yeah, Jiffy Lube) and trade for an Amazon.com gift card, so I’ll report the results. Any one else have experience with Plastic Jungle or similar sites? Leave a comment here on FatHeadDog.