Endorse! for iPhone Now Available

, a beta app that launched last year for cash back shopping, relaunched with a preview version for Android last month, and now they’ve announced the new app for iPhone. Endorse rewards 10-20% for select brands or grocery items.

  1. Browse offers: before or while you shop
  2. Upload receipts: after shopping, send us your receipts and let us know what you bought
  3. Earn cash rewards: every time you upload receipts and redeem offers, you’ll earn cash back
  4. Earn points, too: just for uploading receipts, even ones without redeemed offers, you’ll earn points redeemable for charitable donations made in your name

Bottom line: The first incarnation of Endorse was so generous (up to 20% back on your entire purchase at TJ Maxx, Wal-Mart and Target), that it truly felt too good to be true. Read my first review here. Endorse 2.0 saw some significant changes, but overall I think a more sustainable model.

Snapping a pic of your receipt is faster and easier than mailing receipts in for Endorse 1.0. So far, I’ve uploaded two receipts and earned 10 points, and received 10% back for purchasing any brand of ice cream. (Frosty Paws for those following along at home.)


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