Cheapskate Santa: Earn $5 Amazon from iRazoo

fatheaddog.comI know mentioning the holidays before Halloween is a faux “paw” but really, its never too early to get started on your Christmas shopping and savings. In this new series I’m calling Cheapskate Santa, I’ll share ways I’ve discovered and researched to earn extra money for the holidays, as well as a way to stretch your holiday dollars.

Earn Amazon Gift Cards with iRazoo

irazoo search and winiRazoo is what Mashable calls a human-powered search engine that rewards users with prizes, such as $5 gift cards. If you already use Swagbucks, a site I’ve mentioned before, you’re familiar with the concept. Here are easy ways to earn points with iRazoo.

  1. Win points by searching as you would on Google, but a unique thing about iRazoo is that you’ve also got a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card instantly with searches. I’ll tell you that their search results are not the best, because of the numerous sponsored results, so I’d recommend searching something broad, like frugal shopping, money-saving tips, etc. Search several times a day, spread several hours apart for your best results.
  2. Earn points with Treasure Codes–worth 10 to 50 points and valid for certain times only. You can spot these codes on their iRazoo Facebook page. To redeem these, click on My Account and then Add Treasure Code.
  3. Vote and comment on iRazoo search results. As a registered member, you can perform a search and recommend (yes or no) a site that you’ve viewed–you earn 25 points for voting yes or no. Within an iRazoo iFrame, you can leave a comment as well for additional 25 points. (I know seeing the user comments is annoying as hell… iRazoo if you’re listening! I just fight through it for the 100 free points.)

You can vote and comment on two sites daily to earn 100 points a day. Redeem 3000 points for $5 gift card. In three days, I’ve earn 300 points so it’d take about two weeks to earn a gift card. Worth it when you add iRazoo to other sites that I’ll recommend in this series to earn cash, gift cards and prizes. Every little bit counts!

How to Get 150 Points Right Now:

Use this link to sign up for iRazoo and you’ll receive 50 free points as bonus. Perform your first search and scroll down to the People Recommended Sites. Click on two sites you’re interested in, leave a comment and vote yes or no for recommendation. You’ll get your next 100 points that way.

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