Review: Shutterfly Photo Books for Picky People

shutterflyEver the procrastinator, I always put off creating my annual family year-in-review Christmas books until the very last moment. One year, I had to give them as New Year’s gifts, that’s how bad I am about it. And it looks like its shaping up that way again this year, with only 10 days until Christmas.

I’ll tell you honestly that I haven’t decided which brand of photo book I plan of creating this year. I’ve used Kodak and Snapfish before, primarily because of the lower cost, but I also spent hours (literally) creating these books. This year, if I order early enough to take advantage of the free shipping and 50% additional books coupon codes, I’m going with Shutterfly.

Shutterfly photo bookA few months ago, I got a code from Pampers to create a free 7×9 photo book and used the Simple Path technology on the Shutterfly site–letting them arrange and design the book for me. Huge time savings. And great result too!

I’m a magazine editor, so I’ll admit I’m way too opinionated about the placement, cropping, design and type styling for each page of my annual book. But the Simple Path nailed it. A new record time for me creating a book! (Anyone who’s stayed up late making their annual book knows the pain.)

Shutterfly even offered to let me try their Holiday and other Everyday Occasions greeting cards if I’d write a post about my past experiences with them. The deadline? Dec. 15 at 11:59 p.m. Check the post time… Dec. 15 at 10:57 p.m.

Free Photo Calling Cards from Kodak

50 free prints I’m still diggin’ the free photo gifts from Kodak Gallery. If you’re keeping score, Kodak Gallery, Snapfish and Shutterfly are the three big photo printing houses. Used to be that Kodak was the stingiest (Er, most stingy? Where’s the copy desk when I need it?) about offering free prints, products or free shipping, but alas! Free stuff! So, fellow photo nerds, here’s a few good deals for you.

50 Free Mommy or Photo Calling Cards

  • New KODAK Gallery Members get 50 FREE prints or login to your existing account
  • Go to Cards>Mommy Cards>Free Products
  • Create one set of free calling cards
  • Pay just for shipping

Kodak calling card

20 Free Birth Announcements

  • New KODAK Gallery Members get 50 FREE prints or login to your existing account.
  • Go to Shop>Free Products
  • Create two sets of free birth announcements
  • Pay just for shipping
  • Enjoy!

Add Mommy Cards to My List of Nerdy Things

Kodak calling card

Kodak calling cardI’m about to reorder my free Mommy Cards from the Kodak Gallery, so figured I’d share this post again. This time, though, I finally became an “affiliate” for Kodak Gallery, so they gave me this referral link for FatHeadDog readers–50 free Mommy Contact Cards plus $3.99 for shipping.

Maybe I’m a nerd for business cards, but I’m excited to order a few different sets of these for different purposes–freelance writing, FatHeadDog stuff and Mommy cards for my kiddo’s friend’s moms. Oh, and one for my secret Wonderwoman identity. Dang it, “secret” was operative word.

If you still have unwritten thank you notes, read this


ShutterflyIt’s just too embarrassing to write them now.

My son’s 2nd birthday was in April. Yo Gabba Gabba theme. Cupcakes, balloons, good friends and lots of great photographs. The perfect little boy birthday party that my superwoman-complex mind had dreamed of. Perfect.. save the fact that I still haven’t written my thank you notes. Has anyone seen my P’s and Q’s.. because I seem to have misplaced them.

Thank goodness, then, that Shutterfly is offering 3 FREE custom greeting cards. These make great personalized thank you cards. For even the thank you-ly lazy like me.

Here’s how to cash in your FREE prints:

  • Login or register with Shutterfly
  • Click on “My Shutterfly”
  • Scroll down and click “Enter Special Code Offer”
  • Enter code SUMMERCARDS to have the prints credited to your account

Shutterfly shipping is approximately $0.99 when you send all three cards to yourself. PLUS, new members will receive 50 FREE prints when they sign up! Free greeting card sale expires 9/1/10.

Social calling cards 2.0

PersonalCorrespondence.CallingCardsJust like calling cards of days past, the new brand of social calling cards are smart, distinctive and a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd. As a mommy blogger (but you’ll never catch me calling myself that.. oh, wait..), social calling cards are a great way to share my site with family and friends who can’t seem to make a household name. I don’t understand why..

Great uses for Calling Cards and how to order a set free:

  • Social networking: Instead of handing over your business card, a personal calling card is a less stuffy way of sharing your vital information and pass along your personal email and phone number. Jobs change but your personal email stays with you and personal calling cards are the perfect solution for that. Continue reading “Social calling cards 2.0”

Father’s Day Gifts at Shutterfly


Dear old dad needs some love. Shutterfly can help. Here’s a rundown of their specials:

Get three FREE  father’s day 5×7 folded personalized cards for the price of shipping with code CARDS4DAD. You can have them addressed and stamped, to be sent directly from Shutterfly. They offered this same special for mother’s day and it was a big hit with my mother, mother in law and grandmother.

For gifts, such as Photobooks, Mugs, Calendars and other cool stuff, use SHIP30 for free standard shipping on orders $30 or more, through June 10.

When you spend $30 at Shutterfly, you’ll get a $15 bonus gift from Omaha Steaks. Order by June 15, and you’ll receive a reward code from Omaha Steaks about two weeks later.

A Smooch from FatHeadDog (and LIFE magazine)

You know, that’s FatHeadDog on the right. Not really, but Snapfish has teamed up with to offer the iconic magazine’s historic photos as printed cards, which make great personalized stationary for thank you cards and the like.  These selected number of photographs from’s archives can help capture the exact emotion you’re looking for in your greeting cards, notecards and notebooks. It plans to introduce more offerings in the coming months, according to a Snapfish press release.

I can personally recommend the high-quality greeting cards and notecards, but Continue reading “A Smooch from FatHeadDog (and LIFE magazine)”