Free Stuff from Pepsi

pepsi experience points

Shhh, please don’t tell my Diet Coke this, but I’ve been secretly collecting Pepsi Experience Points for free stuff.

Pepsi Experience Points is a loyalty & rewards program. It’s free to join and allows you to earn points, or PXP, for everyday activities like browsing and staying active on Pepsi’s website. The best part? You don’t have to collect codes from Pepsi products in order to participate.

Collect points for digital downloads, Pepsi gear and all things Beyonce.  Looking for more rewards programs? Find out more about MyCokeRewards, Pampers Gifts to Grow rewards and Huggies Enjoy the Ride rewards from my archive.

Cheap Gas Apps… Say That 3 Times Fast

cheap-gasWith gas prices up again, its time to get out those cheap gas apps that may have gotten dusty on your smartphone. Here’s a few to get you started:

  • Gas Buddy has a full website, mobile site and app for free
  • Cheap Gas! is a robust app for tracking gas prices

Don’t forget about grocery store loyalty programs that offer up to 10 cents off a gallon. Tom Thumb/Randall’s and Kroger offer generous discounts at the pump. And now you can use any Shell station with your Kroger card for gas rewards.

Get Starbucks Gift Cards for Christmas?

starbucks-cardWith any gift card, you can join Starbucks Rewards for a free coffee beverage  on your birthday and other rewards. When you register your gift card number on their site, you can earn a star for every purchase, reload your balance so you can accrue stars, transfer balances between multiple cards and protect your balance if its ever lost or stolen.

This Starbucks Rewards is a replacement for its old Gold Card Rewards, which you had to pay a hefty fee to join. Five stars, or five purchases, earns you two hours of wi-fi, free beverage customizations like syrup and other rewards. Thirty stars earns you a customized card and free beverage. And 10,000 stars earns you your own in-home barista. Just kidding.

7 Things You Didn’t Know about Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards

free Pampers codes

free Pampers codes1. Sign up: If you’re not signed up for Pampers Gifts to Grow rewards, here’s a link. Collect points for free gift cards, books, toys and other items in their ever-changing rewards catalog. Earn more points by…

free pampers codes2. Making it a party: If you have other new mom friends, encourage them to sign up too. You’ll receive 10 points per new member. If you have a blog, you can request a referral link by visiting the Pampers Village section and entering your email address. They’ll generate a referral link for you on the spot. Watch your email for…

3. Free codes: Generic codes (ones that are not one-use only) are released occasionally for public consumption, often around holidays. Here’s one brand new code for you:  4HAPPYHALLOWEEN worth 5 points. More free codes can be found on…

4. Facebook: “Like” Pampers on Facebook for more free codes. In the past, they’ve released high value limited-time codes, so it pays to keep an eye on their updates in your Facebook newsfeed. More points means faster…

free-shutterfly-prints5. Rewards: I used to think the Shutterfly rewards were the best redemption on Pampers Gifts to Grow since I used Shutterfly so much anyway. But lately, Shutterfly, Snapfish and Kodak have been really generous in free print offers, so FatHeadDog recommends saving your points for larger Shutterfly items or other rewards, such as…

sams club gift card6. Gift cards: If you see one you have enough points for, snag it now! Previous gift cards have included CVS, Red Robin, and Sam’s Club. Gift cards fly off the Pampers virtual shelves quickly, so if you want it, get it. Of course, stay tuned to…

fatheaddog.com7. for free codes, tips and hints for making the most of your Pampers Gifts to Grow account.

Free Pampers Gifts to Grow Codes

free Pampers codes

free Pampers codesMy husband doesn’t understand why there are empty Pampers diaper packages stuffed in my nightstand. I used to explain the kit and kaboodle, but no sooner than I uttered the words “Gifts to Grow rewards program” did his eyes glaze over. Now I know, just say “free stuff” and he’ll let me be.

Here’s a catch-up post of recently released Pampers Gifts to Grow codes for you. If you’re not signed up yet, click here to sign up.

WELCOME2PAMPERS –  50 points
GIFTSTOGROW4MOM –  50 points
2BEGINEARNING50 – 50 points
PUNTOSPARAMI123  – 10 points
FACEBOOKOCT2010 – 10 points
10PTSFREECODE4U – 10 points
GTGFIVEMONTHS10 – 10 points
GETSTARTEDNOW10 – 10 points
WELCOME2GTG2010 – 10 points

The Secret to Free MyCokeRewards Contest Entries

My Beloved Diet CokeI mentioned to a co-worker this morning that I was already on my third Diet Coke… and it was 9:30 am. Ok, so maybe a little bit excessive, but at least I’m swimming in MyCokeRewards points. Starting today, you can play the MyCokeRewards Million Point Giveaway game for free, without entering any codes. You can win 10, 50, even 1,000 bonus points daily during the promotion period now until Sept. 30. You can also enter MyCokeRewards codes from 12-packs of Coca-Cola products for a chance to win.

To get the free entry, go to Spend Your Points; then on the left side, under Check It Out, click on Million Point Giveaway. go to the bonus game page and click on Rules. Scroll down to Rule #5-b-ii and click on the link for “Click here for a free code.” Coke will email you a code, up to three code entries a day. Cheers!