What I Learned from George Constanza about MyCokeRewards

Powerade Double Points

Powerade Double PointsMy family and I were at the State Fair of Texas this past weekend when I glanced over at the trashcan and saw an empty 20-ounce bottle of Diet Coke (heart!) with the cap still on. Internal debate–is digging in the trash worth those 3 points? It was a very George Costanza moment. I opted not to dig, sparing myself questions from the 2-year-old FatHeadPup, asking in a squeaky toddler voice, “What you doing?”

Trash digging aside, there’s some cool stuff going on over at MyCokeRewards, the customer loyalty program that rewards Coca-Cola drinkers with prizes such as t-shirts, magazines subscriptions and free Coke products.

Powerade Double Points

Collect your POWERADE caps for a double points day Oct. 25, 2010. That means 3 points will become 6 on 10/25 only.

Free $5 Gift Card

With only 134 points, you can get a free $5 Brinker gift card, good at Chili’s, Macaroni Grill, Maggiano’s and On the Border restaurants. The fine print says limit one redemption per customer, but I’d act fast since these things tend to sell out quickly. Gift cards are fairly rare on MyCokeRewards, so when you see them, redeem them.

Free McDonald’s Code

If you’re playing Monopoly at McDonald’s (another nerdy obsession of mine that I’ll dive into in another post), MyCokeRewards is offering a free Monopoly code–MCRFREECODE–for a chance to win 30 MCR points.

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The Secret to Free MyCokeRewards Contest Entries

My Beloved Diet CokeI mentioned to a co-worker this morning that I was already on my third Diet Coke… and it was 9:30 am. Ok, so maybe a little bit excessive, but at least I’m swimming in MyCokeRewards points. Starting today, you can play the MyCokeRewards Million Point Giveaway game for free, without entering any codes. You can win 10, 50, even 1,000 bonus points daily during the promotion period now until Sept. 30. You can also enter MyCokeRewards codes from 12-packs of Coca-Cola products for a chance to win.

To get the free entry, go to Spend Your Points; then on the left side, under Check It Out, click on Million Point Giveaway. go to the bonus game page and click on Rules. Scroll down to Rule #5-b-ii and click on the link for “Click here for a free code.” Coke will email you a code, up to three code entries a day. Cheers!

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