I skip the water and go straight to Diet Coke

Dear Coca-Cola,

As a loyal, if not borderline addictive Diet Coke drinker, why won’t you host a Diet Coke Jinx. Buy me a Diet Coke.Double Points Day? I hear we should start gathering our Dasani 12pk or 24pk point codes for Double Points Day on March 22, but all other Coke products will be excluded. What is this water you speak of? I rely on carbonated goodness for my thirst needs.

Thanks so much for your consideration,


Check out FatHeadDog resources about MyCokeRewards:

I don’t really like to talk about my flair

jennifer-aniston-flair-office-spaceFatHeadDog has been more than annoyed with TGIFriday’s aggressive online and television ad campaign for its Give Me More Stripes loyalty card, but alas… something extra to help entice me, free MyCokeRewards points to feed my Diet Coke habit.

Sign up for the program to receive a coupon for a free appetizer and 25 free MyCokeRewards points. Now, can I interest you in some Pizza Shooters, Shrimp Poppers or Extreme Fajitas?

My Coke Rewards sweepstakes hint

If you’re not familar with the MyCokeRewards loyalty program, read MyCokeRewards.com_Firefox-20081004-220230my starter guide here. Here’s a tip for entering their instant win sweepstakes and saving yourself some hard-earned points.

1. When you login to your account, click on Instant Win sweepstakes–win a 4-pack of tickets to Six Flags Over Texas and win a 2-topping Papa John’s Pizza and two 20-oz Coke products.

2. Instead of using 6 points or 3 points respectively to enter the sweepstakes, click on “See rules for details.”

3. Scroll down to rule number #5b Alternate Method of Entry, and click on “Click here.”

4. Enter the security key and receive a FREE sweepstakes entry. You can spend the entry then for the instant win content, OR save it for later, for the other sweepstakes.

The GREAT part is you can enter up to 50 times a day with these free sweepstakes entries. Happy “sweepstaksing”!