Free Photo Calling Cards from Kodak

50 free prints I’m still diggin’ the free photo gifts from Kodak Gallery. If you’re keeping score, Kodak Gallery, Snapfish and Shutterfly are the three big photo printing houses. Used to be that Kodak was the stingiest (Er, most stingy? Where’s the copy desk when I need it?) about offering free prints, products or free shipping, but alas! Free stuff! So, fellow photo nerds, here’s a few good deals for you.

50 Free Mommy or Photo Calling Cards

  • New KODAK Gallery Members get 50 FREE prints or login to your existing account
  • Go to Cards>Mommy Cards>Free Products
  • Create one set of free calling cards
  • Pay just for shipping

Kodak calling card

20 Free Birth Announcements

  • New KODAK Gallery Members get 50 FREE prints or login to your existing account.
  • Go to Shop>Free Products
  • Create two sets of free birth announcements
  • Pay just for shipping
  • Enjoy!
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Cheapskate Santa: Give (free) Photo Gifts as Presents

One of the best ways to save money on your holiday shopping is…  spending no money. Cool photo freebies abound on the interwebs. Here are a few for you:

Free Photos and Cards


Get two sets of 20 FREE 4×8 flat photo cards from Snapfish with two separate coupon codes: BABIES and BABYMAIL. It’s valid on any set of 20 4×8 single-sided flat photo cards with envelopes (find them under Products, Photo Cards). Expires on 10/31. Hint: Use these codes separately since Snapfish doesn’t allow you to enter multiple codes for one order.

Snapfish is offering 75 FREE photo prints when you use the code ISTOCK75. If you’re a new member, you’ll also receive an additional 50 free photo prints for registering. Expires on 11/30.

This offer looks pretty stingy compared to Snapfish’s free stuff, but Shutterfly is offering a FREE folded 5×7 photo card with the coupon code CARD4U. Expires on 11/17. Hint: The nice thing about Shutterfly is that you can save this offer for a future order (before 11/17), whereas Snapfish you have to enter the code and order at the same time.

Free Photo Gifts

free Snapfish calendarGreat for Christmas gifts, order a FREE Snapfish desk calendar or photo mug from Hershey. If you don’t have a UPC code from a Hershey product,  just click on “Don’t Have UPC’s?” and the form will automatically be completed.  Then you will receive a unique coupon code by email. Expires 1/15/11.

Hint: To redeem this offer, you have to follow the link sent by email. Enter your emailed code and login. Create your calendar and checkout, If the credit doesn’t appear automatically in your cart, then click on Account. Look in the upper right corner for FREE Desk Calendar, and click redeem. Then click Open a Saved Calendar, select and checkout. Hoops to jump through, I know, but worth it! I made the mistake of creating my calendar first, before using the link, so I’ll have to contact Customer Service, but hopefully this will go more smoothly for you.

I haven’t personally redeemed this offer, but other folks are raving about FREE Picaboo photo books. New members can receive a free 20-page Large Classic, Classic Leather, or Classic Custom photo book from Picaboo with coupon code 1FBLGB-7W.

Another offer I’ve yet to try, but sounds incredible is a FREE 8×10 photo canvas for new Canvas People customers. You can upgrade for a larger size, or special framing–which in the case of framing I’d recommend. Had my wedding portrait done years ago as a canvas and the frame really made the difference. When I redeem this one, I’ll report back here.

Free AdvilFinally, for your holiday headaches…

Free bottle of Advil: A coupon for a free 20- or 24-count bottle of Advil. If orchestrating your family, extended family and family-in-law is anything like FatHeadDog’s, then you’ll need this with the ensuing holiday stress.

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