Father’s Day Gifts at Shutterfly


Dear old dad needs some love. Shutterfly can help. Here’s a rundown of their specials:

Get three FREE  father’s day 5×7 folded personalized cards for the price of shipping with code CARDS4DAD. You can have them addressed and stamped, to be sent directly from Shutterfly. They offered this same special for mother’s day and it was a big hit with my mother, mother in law and grandmother.

For gifts, such as Photobooks, Mugs, Calendars and other cool stuff, use SHIP30 for free standard shipping on orders $30 or more, through June 10.

When you spend $30 at Shutterfly, you’ll get a $15 bonus gift from Omaha Steaks. Order by June 15, and you’ll receive a reward code from Omaha Steaks about two weeks later.

A Smooch from FatHeadDog (and LIFE magazine)

You know, that’s FatHeadDog on the right. Not really, but Snapfish has teamed up with LIFE.com to offer the iconic magazine’s historic photos as printed cards, which make great personalized stationary for thank you cards and the like.  These selected number of photographs from LIFE.com’s archives can help capture the exact emotion you’re looking for in your greeting cards, notecards and notebooks. It plans to introduce more offerings in the coming months, according to a Snapfish press release.

I can personally recommend the high-quality greeting cards and notecards, but Continue reading “A Smooch from FatHeadDog (and LIFE magazine)”

For us amateur photographers…

Page through a typical family photo album and you’ll notice the kids in a few repeating themes—special-occasion shots, vacation photos, and staged portraits. All cherished moments, no doubt. But why not add a little creativity into your picture taking? Here are some memories that could be just as photo-worthy.

Big mess1. A big mess. Your little van Gogh has painted your white walls with chocolate pudding. Before you clean it, take a picture. And you can break out the photo when your child becomes a parent—to remind your child that no child (or parent) is perfect.

2. The first time they dress themselves. Pajama pants, one fuzzy slipper, no shirt, and earmuffs. You might not let them leave the house like that, but you have to appreciate their unique ability to accessorize. If you take a snapshot now, the “fashions” of their teens won’t look so bad.

3. Your favorite feature. The head-to-toe shot can wait for prom or graduation. Instead, zoom in and capture the one or two details you love most about your kid. Snap that swirl of hair atop your newborn, your toddler’s chunky feet, or your 7-year-old’s two missing front teeth—they won’t stay that way forever.

4. How they see the world. Go ahead, hand your child the camera for a while (under appropriate supervision, of course). You’ll be amazed at what they’ll shoot without consideration for traditional rules. Fortunately, with the beauty of digital, you can instantly delete all the bad shots and save the good ones.

5. Photos with you. If you’re always the one with the camera, you won’t be in many of the photos. Put your spouse or a friend on point-and-shoot duty and tell them to start clicking. Tell them to catch you and the kids when no one is looking at the camera or during moments that capture you as a Mom—cleaning up from dinner, reading a bedtime story, or helping with homework.

Source: vocalpoint.com, a great opinions and product review site hosted by Proctor & Gamble.

Shutterfly sale

Save 20% off Shutterfly photo books with promo code SUMMERTIME. Also, get free shipping on orders of $30 of more. Offer ends July 13, 2009.

Just my two cents: Between Snapfish, Kodak Gallery and Shutterfly, I think Shutterfly has the best looking books–best quality and best looking layouts.

Have thousands of unprinted digital photos?

When it comes to printing your digital photos, you have plenty of choices–you can take your memory card to your local drugstore for in-store printing, printing at home on a photo printer, or uploading them online for snail mail delivery. Here’s a great starter’s guide from Cnet to printing your digital photos:

Print at home

Printing at home is cheap and long-lasting if you use the right printer, ink, and paper. A 4×6 print will typically cost between 25 and 50 cents, depending on the printer and the ink. Of course that doesn’t include the cost of the printer or user error. Be sure to read Cnet printer reviews to get an idea of how often you’ll need to replace the ink cartridge.

Highlight: convenience

Lowlight: inferior quality

Print at a store kiosk

Store kiosks are convenient, and they let you do a lot of basic editing right on the spot (cropping, adjusting brightness, removing red-eye, etc). If you shop around, you can find stores that let you create 4×6 prints for well under 50 cents each. These do-it-yourself machines are a good alternative if you’re not in the mood for the care and feeding of your own photo printer.

Highlight: great option for those less adept at photo editing

Lowlight: time consuming unless you organize which photos you want to print first at home

Online printing services

Online print services such as Shutterfly, SnapFish, Kodak EasyShare Gallery, and many others are often the least expensive and can give great-looking prints. However, like the good old days, you’ll have to wait to see the results. But that’s fine when you’re printing a large number of images—for instance, all your vacation photos.

Highlights: plentiful coupon codes can be found at Slickdeals.net and this site

Lowlights: can be daunting for less-skilled users

Source: Cnet.com

Gift idea for dads

wallartFather’s Day is June 21. Here’s an idea to pay homage to pops:

11×14 Kodak Wall Art: Ready to hang horizontally or vertically, wood wall panel gives “dimensional” display of your favorite photo. $34.99 – 25% with coupon code daddyo = $26.24 plus shipping and tax; $34 shipped

Free Mother’s Day card from Kodak Gallery

Kodak free card

Here’s to Mama! Go to Kodak Gallery for your free custom printed Mother’s Day card. Use coupon code FREECARD at checkout. Offer valid until 5/16/09. Shipping is $1.99. If you’re new to Kodak Easyshare, you’ll get 20 free prints when you sign up. See the details below:

The Gallery wants to make sure all mothers get the appreciation they deserve this Mother’s Day, so we’re hosting MOM-A-THON*. It’s a free opportunity for you to say Thank You like only you can—with custom KODAK Photo Cards for the mothers in your life. Make your Cards funny, sweet, sappy, or whatever suits your style. Claim your rightful place as Mom’s favorite. And help us reach our goal of 1 million happy mothers. Create your free Card today.

Snapfish free shipping on gifts


It’s Snapfish’s 9th birthday! To celebrate, Snapfish is offering you free standard shipping on all photo gifts until Sunday, April 5. Too bad that the offer does not apply to prints. Hurry, that’s only 3 days to save.

Use coupon GOSHIP at checkout.