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The Dot Com Blues

I sent this to co-workers just now. Debatable whether I’ve lost my marbles:

My name is Shelbyyy

da nuh nuh nuh nuh

I’m a department of one.

da nuh nuh nuh nuh

My social media manager left meee.

da nuh nuh nuh nuh

But I got sh*t to get done

da nuh nuh nuh nuh

I need help with workkkk

da nuh nuh nuh nuh

But I hate to ask

da nuh nuh nuh nuh

So I send this blues song with a smirkkk

da nuh nuh nuh nuh

And I hope you it makes you laugh


I got the blues, yeahhh, I got the blues.

How to Get Free Magazines and Why My Mailman Hates Me

Reason #372 why I love being a magazine editor

I can have 17 magazine subscriptions coming every month and call it research. (My mailman really hates me.) Thankfully, I don’t pay a thing for any of them. Here’s how:

Rewards Gold, Rewards Country, Mercury Magazines and Free Biz Mags are the best free magazine sites that offers free subscriptions to popular newsstand publications. Some involve a short survey, but most are just a quick and easy signup–while supplies last.

Free 1-Year Magazine Subscriptions Available August 2011

free Magazines August 2011free magazines August 2011

free magazines August 2011free magazines August 2011

W Magazine from Rewards Country

Black Enterprise from Rewards Country

Outdoor Life from Mercury Magazines

Ski Magazine from Value Mags

And one I couldn’t resist

Lowrider Magazine on Free Biz Mags



Sometimes You Have to Unplug to Find Your Outlet

Note: In a departure from my typical content, this is a Father’s Day blog I wrote for SUCCESS magazine.

I never knew my dad’s outlet until just now.

Driving into work this morning, I felt blank. Void. I didn’t have any words to say outwardly, but I needed to express myself inwardly.

“I need to write,” I thought, making a mental note to post that as my Facebook status. “That’s my outlet, my thing—writing.” Already I was feeling better.

That got me thinking about other people’s escapes. My husband’s outlet is sleeping. When things overwhelm him and he feels stuck, he sleeps. A lot. Then he wakes up, literally and figuratively, and feels better.

My best friend’s outlet is music. Loud, house music of the club persuasion. He’s this big, beefy Englishman and yet he loves a poppy electronic tune to get his day going.

My late father-in-law’s outlet was us. His new wife and child were demanding, but laughing and going out with his sons and me was the escape he needed, although he had hell to pay when he got home.

What about my father? He was a … READ THE COMPLETE POST AT SUCCESS MAGAZINE.