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Fatheaddog deals by Shelby Skrhak

Fatheaddog deals by Shelby Skrhak

My husband, who created the first one, was a little miffed. “Mine looked better,” he huffed. So I used my best bullshit voice, and told him that all “great brands evolve” like Apple and Coca-Cola. Yeah, I compared my goofy deals site to Apple. A dog’s gotta have a goal.

Sometimes You Have to Unplug to Find Your Outlet

Note: In a departure from my typical content, this is a Father’s Day blog I wrote for SUCCESS magazine.

I never knew my dad’s outlet until just now.

Driving into work this morning, I felt blank. Void. I didn’t have any words to say outwardly, but I needed to express myself inwardly.

“I need to write,” I thought, making a mental note to post that as my Facebook status. “That’s my outlet, my thing—writing.” Already I was feeling better.

That got me thinking about other people’s escapes. My husband’s outlet is sleeping. When things overwhelm him and he feels stuck, he sleeps. A lot. Then he wakes up, literally and figuratively, and feels better.

My best friend’s outlet is music. Loud, house music of the club persuasion. He’s this big, beefy Englishman and yet he loves a poppy electronic tune to get his day going.

My late father-in-law’s outlet was us. His new wife and child were demanding, but laughing and going out with his sons and me was the escape he needed, although he had hell to pay when he got home.

What about my father? He was a … READ THE COMPLETE POST AT SUCCESS MAGAZINE.

Free Zappos VIP Shipping


free Zappos VIP membership
free Zappos VIP membership

The other day at lunch, my co-workers and I were discussing shoe shopping habits–how many, how often and how much. Whether two at a time, every month was too much. How many pairs of shoes we have compared to our significant others. What kinds of shoes find their new home in our closets.

We decided yes, it was a problem. The men in our lives have problematic shoe shopping habits.

At least, you can save on shipping costs with the Zappos VIP program, which offers free overnight shipping–for when they just can’t wait another day (they really can’t). For a limited time, you can score VIP status free when you signup. In this case only, it’s OK to be an enabler.