How to Increase Your Appeal to PR Firms

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If you are trying to turn your blog into an income-generator, you are probably doing lots of product reviews and giveaways to get people to your site – in the hopes they’ll like your content and stick around for a while. In general, real income from a blog actually comes from advertising space that you sell to PR firms or directly to companies – whether it be with image ads in your side bar or links within posts. The reason they pay for their ad to be on your blog/site is because you have a large and engaged following that they would like to reach. But how do you get those PR firms to pick your site over all the thousands of other sites?

Here are some tips.

Don’t Make Them Hunt For You

While you may want to maintain your privacy by not putting an email address on your blog/site – you are actually hurting your chances of PR contact. If a PR rep has to search your site for a means to contact you then they might just click away. While Contact forms are great, they do have limitations – no images, length restrictions, don’t allow links, etc. So you really need to have your email address easily accessible on your site. It’s a good idea to create a separate email address for your blog business – that way you aren’t putting your personal address out there.

Really Use Social Media

Don’t just grow your social media fan-base, but actually use the outlets. PR firms don’t just look at your reach (number of followers) but also what you post in the various venues. They want to see your interaction and engagement. Do people respond to what you are posting, and more importantly are you posting things that they can respond to? You also want to make sure that your blog/site related social media outlets are not consumed by your personal life – this needs to be separate unless it directly relates to your blog.

Be Consistent

You have heard this many, many times, but it still holds true. PR firms want to see that you post regularly – not three times one week, nothing for the next two weeks, two things on one day and nothing for a month. This is too sporadic to keep your readers engaged, which means your followers are not seeking you out to see what you have to say. And that’s what PR firms want to see. One of the easiest ways to ensure you are consistent, even when your life gets busy, is to have weekly themed posts. Maybe you post a parenting tip every Monday or you post a shopping tip on Wednesdays, whatever is applicable to your audience.

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