Get Starbucks Gift Cards for Christmas?

starbucks-cardWith any gift card, you can join Starbucks Rewards for a free coffee beverage  on your birthday and other rewards. When you register your gift card number on their site, you can earn a star for every purchase, reload your balance so you can accrue stars, transfer balances between multiple cards and protect your balance if its ever lost or stolen.

This Starbucks Rewards is a replacement for its old Gold Card Rewards, which you had to pay a hefty fee to join. Five stars, or five purchases, earns you two hours of wi-fi, free beverage customizations like syrup and other rewards. Thirty stars earns you a customized card and free beverage. And 10,000 stars earns you your own in-home barista. Just kidding.

Free Starbucks Rewards


If you’re ever at SuperTarget and are abhorred to see a starbucks-cardMom hand her toddler son a sip of her Mocha Frappacino, then you’re in luck. You’ve met FatHeadDog!

If you have a Starbucks gift card or purchase one, be sure and register it on the Starbucks site for a free sandwich, a free drink on your birthday and other rewards. The program, called Starbucks Rewards, tracks your purchases with your gift card, so just keep your gift card loaded to enjoy special perks and freebies.

For a limited time, new members who sign up for Starbucks Rewards will receive a coupon in the mail for a free Artisan Breakfast Sandwich (offer valid from 8/31–9/21). On your birthday, you’ll receive a free beverage of your choice. In store, you’ll receive free refills of brewed coffee or iced tea with the Rewards Card. And give FatHeadDog a high five while you’re there.