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My Name is Shelby & I’m a Former #MommyBlogger


Don’t call me a cheapskate. I’m not one of those extreme couponers who walk out of the drugstore with 30 tubes of toothpaste having paid only $3. The drugstore didn’t have 30 tubes, so I bought five and left one on the shelf for good karma. I became a self-proclaimed deal maven five years ago when I started a mommy blog FatHeadDog.com. My son had just been born and I couldn’t believe such small things (aka children) cost big bucks.

I wasn’t alone. In 2008 when I began blogging, there were an estimated 15,000 mommy blogs, talking about everything from diapers and deals to Down syndrome and postpartum depression. Today, according to Babble.com, 14 percent of all U.S. moms are mommy bloggers.

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5 Lessons You Never Learned in School

Jim Rohn Guide Series SUCCESS

‘The Jim Rohn Guide Series’ explores communication, leadership and more

by K. Shelby Skrhak, originally posted July 1, 2014 on SUCCESS.com

To the untrained ear, the advice given to Jim Rohn by his mentor Earl Schoaff sounds contradictory.

“Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job,” the late philosopher says with his unique cadence and tone.

But listen to the words from Rohn’s mouth and you know that this man’s advice is anything but contradictory. He’s not saying you shouldn’t work hard at a job you love. The hard work comes naturally when you love what you do. What Rohn is saying is that personal development—the building and strengthening of you—is how you become better at everything else. Communication, time management, goal setting, leadership—these all improve when you do.

SUCCESS has compiled a series of five guides on communication, time management, goal setting, leadership and personal development, based on the transcripts of Rohn’s most popular lectures and writings. Released this month in the SUCCESS Store, The Jim Rohn Guide Series comprises curated, 20-minute infusions of wisdom you’ll not likely find elsewhere.

Here we share the SUCCESS editors’ five favorite lessons from the series:

Lesson 1: Communication

“In order to be effective, your communication should be on purpose. Yes, occasionally you may say something off the top of your head and that can hold weight with others, but this is the exception and not the rule. Know what you want to communicate, when you want to communicate and how you want to communicate.”     —from The Jim Rohn Guide to Communication

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Here’s the problem with this blog.

I have no idea what it is.

When I started FatHeadDog.com, I explained exactly how I scored all my great deals at CVS. Roll the clip. That’s video of me on NBC5 in Dallas bragging about my $4,000 in savings. And I wasn’t even trying that hard.

But soon, everyone had a Mommy Blog and I couldn’t keep up with the sheer volume of deals that came out daily. Something about a full-time job really cramps your blogging lifestyle.

I rebranded FatHeadDog.com as a “Deals site with bite” and I threatened physical harm on Continue reading Here’s the problem with this blog.

Tony Little: You Can Do It! | SUCCESS Magazine

Check out my latest feature on SUCCESS.com:

You Can Do It!

Fitness guru Tony Little’s catchphrase is more than good TV, it’s a way of life. Read about the numerous—almost unbelievable—obstacles the Gazelle pitchman has overcome and why he fell off his chair talking to SUCCESS.

by K. Shelby Skrhak

Tony Little’s 2010 book, There’s Always a Way opens with a peculiar list. There are two columns, one with the words “Adversities of My Life” atop, and the other, “Victories of My Life.” Little, 56, has overcome more obstacles in one lifetime than 10 men combined.

  • Almost drowned twice.
  • Shot at twice.
  • Electrocuted twice.
  • Four car accidents.
  • My dad kills himself.
  • Drugged and kidnapped by predator.

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