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FatHeadDog on Twitter Roundup for 2012-08-19

  • Grumpy rant of the day: No, I don't want to brainstorm about more work. I want to do the work. #
  • Channeling Helen Gurley Brown: Why I think the Cosmo editor owned my antique cabinet – http://t.co/05fR6dby via @SUCCESSmagazine #
  • Interesting Factoid: Cosmopolitan was founded in 1886 as a family mag. It later became a literary mag. Then in 1960's, a women's mag. #
  • Plano Teen Among Young Entreps Winners http://t.co/GWZkBXzW #storify #

FatHeadDog on Twitter Roundup for 2012-08-05

  • "Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly." –St. Francis De Sales #
  • IKEA Germany now has parking lots for dogs http://t.co/UGPGmkiK via @lostateminor #
  • Fack! D.C., NYC and Atlanta among most foul-mouthed cities according to @poynter: http://t.co/iCtN67L6 #
  • One of first apps to reward cashback for in-store purchases, @Endorse for iPhone now available http://t.co/Ql0D8Bkm #
  • Facebook teams with NBC for exclusive Talk Meter for Olympic coverage http://t.co/z5ArGACQ via @EW #
  • I've got a new eccentric author crush: On The Bookshelf: Blink by @MalcolmGladwell via SUCCESS magazine http://t.co/H4AOekJN #

FatHeadDog on Twitter Roundup for 2012-07-29