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Tony Little’s 2010 book, There’s Always a Way opens with a peculiar list. There are two columns, one with the words “Adversities of My Life” atop, and the other, “Victories of My Life.” Little, 56, has overcome more obstacles in one lifetime than 10 men combined.

  • Almost drowned twice.
  • Shot at twice.
  • Electrocuted twice.
  • Four car accidents.
  • My dad kills himself.
  • Drugged and kidnapped by predator.

And that’s just the beginning of the list. But like any good comeback story, each adversity has shaped Little for the better. “I don’t look at anything as an obstacle,” Little tells SUCCESS from the porch of his Florida home. “I look at it as a chance to figure it out. I do much better when my back is against the wall.”

The late-night television pitchman—the one with the blond ponytail gathered in a baseball cap, riding his signature Gazelle; would sell anything that’s not nailed down. It’s just his nature. He’s sold everything from exercise equipment to cheesecake, pillows and exotic animal meat. But he’s not a used car salesman; he’s warm and genuine, if not a little eccentric.

During our recent phone interview, Tony’s first words were an apology. His twin boys Cody and Chase, who were born premature, weighing less than two pounds, had just spent the night in the hospital. The 56-year-old dad was going on no sleep and was sick from worry, but he wanted to apologize. “Here I am talking to SUCCESS magazine and I seemingly don’t have the same energy and positivity that I normally would,” Tony says. Of course, Tony Little at a “3” is still anyone else’s “6” on an energy scale.

SUCCESS talks to Tony about selling, overcoming obstacles, his wife’s postpartum depression and that unbelievable list.

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