What Coach Bags and Jack-in-the-Box Tacos Have in Common

I’ve always taken offense to the name cheapskate. That implies I’d rather have things cheap than good, which simply isn’t true.


Cheap is one-ply toilet paper. We know that is not good.

Good is sushi-grade ahi tuna. But that is not cheap.

There is one exception I can think of– Jack in the Box tacos are both good and cheap.

Here are four ways to fight that cheapskate stereotype and shop smarter.

1. Shop insider sample sales for designer handbags up to 70% off. Coach and Kate Spade are just a few retailers that offer once or twice-yearly online sample sales exclusively for email subscribers. I picked up a gorgeous $300 Kate Spade purse for… CLICK HERE to read the entire post on BlogHer.com.

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