Win free My Coke Rewards bonus points

My Beloved Diet CokeIf you’ve got a stash of unentered MyCokeRewards codes, grab the 12-pack flaps and read this. And if you’re like my husband who hates–with a capital H–all the Diet Coke flaps and caps laying around the house, tell ’em you’ll buy him a magazine subscription for his troubles.

Earn a chance to snag free bonus points when you enter MyCokeRewards codes from 12-packs of Coca-Cola products with the Million Point Giveaway.You can win 10, 50, even 1,000 bonus points daily during the promotion period now until Sept. 30.

The cool part (after I did some digging around the site) is from Sept. 21-30, you can enter the bonus game for free, without entering any MCR codes. To get the free entry, go to the bonus game page and click on Rules. Scroll down to Rule #5-b-ii and click on the link for “Click here for a free code”. The link’s not live yet so just check back on Sept. 21. Cheers!

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